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    Easy to configure, customisable React tree component. Support drag and drop, check, search, etc.



    1. check
      • check only one node
      • check multiple node
      • check all node
      • disabled and close node after checked
      • check nodes which have same attribute
    2. drag and drop
    3. append new node
    4. edit node name
    5. delete node
    6. search node by name
    7. set different icon or other element on different node type


    1. npm install react-immer-tree
    2.  import React from 'react'
       import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
       import Tree from 'react-immer-tree'
       import 'react-immer-tree/build/Tree.css'
       const data = [{
           name: 'a',
           children: [
               { name: 'b' }
               { name: 'c' }
               { name: 'd', children: [
                   { name: 'e' }            
                   { name: 'f' }            
           <Tree data={data} />


    Tree Props
    props description type default
    afterSelectNode effects after check node
    • disabled:disabled node and close node
    • all:check all children nodes
    • one:only check itself
    string 'disabled'
    beforeAdd callback function before append child node in menu,need to return true,otherwise append action will fail function () => true
    beforeDelete callback function before delete node in menu,need to return true,otherwise delete acton will fail function () => true
    beforeEdit callback function before edit node name in menu,need to return true,otherwise edit action will fail function () => true
    checkSameAttr check nodes which have same attribute(such as 'id') string ''
    data tree structure data array []
    hasOperate has operate menu or not boolean false
    hasCheckbox has checkbox or not boolean false
    hasSearch has search ability or not boolean false
    isRadio is check only one or not boolean false
    isDraggable is draggable or not boolean false
    nodeTypes type(set in node data)-element object (maybe you can use it to set different node type with different icon) object{typename: reactElement} {}
    noSearchData return reactElement which will show when no data matched function () => {}
    onAdd callback function when append child node, return child node data -- {name: xxx, state: xxx} function () => ({})
    onChecked callback function after check node function(selected[]) () => {}
    onEdit callback function when edit node name, return edit name function () => 'edited name'
    onUnchecked callback function after uncheck node function(selected[]) () => {}
    resultNode return reactElement,which will show in check result list. (check result list will show when afterSelectNode set 'disabled') function () => {}
    Node JSON Data
            name: xxx,          // node name(string/reactElement)
            type: xxx,          // node type(string/number)
            state: {            // node state
                isOpen: false,  // open or not
                isChecked: false, // check or not
                isDisabled: false, // disable or not
            children: [{}, {}]


    npm i react-immer-tree

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