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    This is a react library meant to simplify the usage of iframe component in react web apps with following features:

    • Manage the loading status of the iframe content.
    • Simplify the communication between the parent web app and the inner app.

    Besides these two main features efforts have also been made to guaranteed security by checking the source origin of the messages.

    Another thing worth mentioning for folks using typescript is that the whole lib is written in ts so types will never be a concern.

    What's Under the hood

    The idea is very simple. To tell if the app inside the iframe is running properly, just send a query mesage to query the status.

    Once it replies then we know is's working.

    If we wait for a certain amount of time without receiving the reply we see it as a loading failure.

    Quick Start

    Installation is fairly easy: npm install react-iframe-helper.

    To use This Lib At the parent App

    we will invoke the hook firstly.

    const { ref, status, onLoad, send } = useIFrameParent({
                                            delay: 50 //default to 500,
                                            childDomain:'http://localhost:3006', //required
                                            listen: listenerCallback,  //optional
                                            count:10  //deafult to 10

    The count arg is about how many times we will try the status query and the delay arg is the interval in which we will send the query. For example, With the above shown code the status would be marked as failed when we wait for 500ms without receiving the reply.

    Apart from that the childDomain arg is the domain of the inner app for security check.

    Lastly the listen arg is used as a callback to handle the message from the inner app.

    Having the useIFrameParent invoked, the remaining work is just set the ref and onLoad(returned from the useIFrameParent hook) properly for the iframe component.


    Now in the parent app, we can check if status is equal to IFrameStatus.LOADING, IFrameStatus.LOADED or IFRameStatus.FAILED to see the status of the inner app and and send messages to the inner app with send returned from the IFrameParent hook.

    To use This Lib At the inner App

    Similiar to how we use the useIFrameParent hook, we send the parent domain and a listener: const { send } = useIFrameChild({parentDomain: 'http://localhost:3000', listen }).

    Then messages from the parent app can be retrieved through the listen we send in and to send messages to parent app, just use the send method returned.




    npm i react-iframe-helper

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