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A decorator for React components that notifies of idle and timed-out states

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$ npm i react-idle-manager --save


This decorator wraps whatever React component you apply it to with a higher-order component that will supply idle state and timeout state information to the component via props. It leverages first-party cookies to ensure that the idle state is respected between multiple tab instances (even across subdomains, if desired), and will handle multiple unique instances based on the keys passed.


Basic usage:

import React from 'react';
import idleManager from 'react-idle-manager';
class App extends React.PureComponent {

Advanced usage:

import React from 'react';
import idleManager from 'react-idle-manager';
  key: 'my-super-awesome-app',
  idleAfter: 50000,
  isPure: false,
  timeoutAfter: 10000
class App extends Component {

Set the list of available configuration options below.

Props injected

When the idleManager decorator is applied to a component, additional props are passed to the component which provides information related to idle / timeout state.

Even though internally this data is constantly updating, for performance reasons the only time the props` will be updated are when the following conditions are met:

  • The component is idle and was not prior
  • The component timeout countdown value has changed
  • The component has timed out but was not prior
  • The component is not idle and was prior
  • The component is not timed out but was prior

The following props will be passed to the component:


number: The number of milliseconds until the component will be idle.


boolean: Is the component currently idle.


boolean: Is the component currently timed-out.


number: The number of milliseconds until the component will time out.

  • The number of milliseconds may not update in exact intervals compared to configuration.pollInterval due to the nature of setTimeout.
    • If you want to provide a clean count of the number of seconds, you can do something like Math.ceil(timeoutIn / 1000).


function(Object): A method to dynamically update all options passed in the decorator (except for the key).

  idleAfter: 1000 * 60 * 5,
  timeoutAfter: 1000 * 30
  • This method is also available on the component instance retrieved via ref.



string (required)

The key to use in cookies for storage of when idle and timeout states are reached. This value can either be passed as the only parameter to the decorator, or as a property on the configuration object.

class App extends Component {
// or
  key: 'planttheidea-idle-manager-demo_App',
class App extends Component {

NOTE: If the same key is used for multiple components, there may be collision of specific time states, so make the keys consistent but specific to each implementation. An example format would be ${uniqueAppName}_${componentName}:


number (defaults to 840000, or 14 minutes in milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds since activity that the component is considered in idle state.


boolean (defaults to true)

Should PureComponent be used as the basis of the higher-order component the decorator creates. If false is passed, the standard Component class is used.


boolean (defaults to false)

Should the resetTimerEvents be applied to the element of the wrapped component itself instead of the window.


boolean (defaults to 1000, or 1 second in milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds to poll for external changes to stored idle timeout values.


Array<string> (defaults to ['click', 'keydown', 'mousemove', 'scroll'])

The events to add listeners for that will reset the idle state timer internally.



The options to pass through to the cookie manager when storing the values. This can be used for more secure usage, for allowing sharing across multiple subdomains, or more fine-grained implementation.

The shape of the options available:

  // the domain from where the cookie is readable
  domain: string = '',
  // when the cookie will expire
  expires: (Date|number|string) = 0,
  // is the cookie only able to be read by the server
  httponly: boolean = false,
  // the path where the cookie is readable from
  path: string = '/',
  // SameSite setting for if the cookie should be sent with CORS requests
  samesite: string = '',
  // is the cookie only usable on secure protocols like https
  secure: boolean = false,

For more detailed information, including valid values and support limitations for certain options, check the cookie manager documentation.


number (defaults to 60000, or 1 minute in milliseconds)

The number of milliseconds until the component is considered in timeout state.

NOTE: This number is in addition to idleAfter, meaning if you want the overarching timeout to be 5 seconds but be considered idle after 2 seconds, you would provide idleAfter of 2000 and timeoutAfter of 3000. If you do not want a distinction between beginning of idle state and timed-out state, pass timeoutAfter of 0.



getValues(key: string): (Object|null)

Convenience method that will retrieve the state for the key passed based on existing values. This is helpful if you want to perform an action based on the state prior to a component's mount.

import { getValues } from "react-idle-manager";
const currentState = getValues("planttheidea-idle-manager-demo_App");
  idleIn: 1701, 
  idleTimestamp: 1532834828078, 
  isIdle: false, 
  isTimedOut: false, 
  timeoutIn: 6701,
  timeoutTimestamp: 1532834833078

NOTE: If there is no matching key found, null is returned.


Standard stuff, clone the repo and npm i to get the dependencies. npm scripts available:

  • build => builds the distributed JS with NODE_ENV=development and with sourcemaps
  • dev => runs the webpack dev server for the playground
  • lint => runs ESLint against files in the src folder
  • lint:fix => runs ESLint against files in the src folder and fixes any fixable issues discovered
  • prepublish => if in publish, runs prepublish:compile
  • prepublish:compile => runs the lint, test, transpile, dist scripts
  • test => run ava with NODE_ENV=test
  • test:coverage => run ava with nyc to calculate code coverage
  • test:update => runs test but updates all snapshots
  • test:watch => runs test but with persistent watcher
  • transpile:es => run babel against all files in src to create files in es, preserving ES2015 modules (for pkg.module)
  • transpile:lib => runs Babel against files in src to files in lib



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