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React HotKeys

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A declarative library for handling hotkeys and focus areas in React applications.

See Exploring HotKeys and focus in React for an introductory look into the problems we're trying to solve or if you're eager to get going check out the Getting Started guide!

NOTE: The "road to v1" is set to be worked on soon. You can see the roadmap here. The current api is very solid and being used in production across a whole variety of different applications (most notably Lystable and Whatsapp). v1 will be mostly around modernising api's, improving performance and providing additional functionality rather than having any breaking changes.

Quick Example

import {HotKeys} from 'react-hotkeys';
// Simple "name:key sequence/s" to create a hotkey map 
const map = {
  'snapLeft': 'command+left',
  'deleteNode': ['del', 'backspace']
// Create a root component with the hotkey map 
const App = React.createClass({
  render() {
    return (
      <HotKeys keyMap={map}>
// Create a component with hotkey handlers - handlers only called when component is within 
// the applications 'focus tree' and prevents cascading hotkeys from being called 
const Node = React.createClass({
  render() {
    const handlers = {
      'deleteNode': this.deleteNode
    return (
      <HotKeys handlers={handlers}>
        Node contents

Feature Overview

  • Minimal and declarative API
  • Named hotkeys for easy customization
  • Intuitive key commands thanks to Mousetrap
  • Tree based priority - the deepest focused handler wins


npm install react-hotkeys

or use the old-skool UMD packaged library found in /build/global.


The Getting Started guide is probably a good first point of call!

You can find full docs in the /docs folder and generated api docs in /docs/api.

You may also find various examples by loading the static /examples/index.html file.


See "Using GitHub Issues" under "Contribute" below for most things but feel free to jump on Gitter or give me a shout (@chrisui) in the reactiflux Slack group!


Awesome! Contributions of all kinds are greatly appreciated. To help smoothen the process we have a few non-exhaustive guidelines to follow which should get you going in no time.

Using GitHub Issues

  • Feel free to use github issues for questions, bug reports, and feature requests
  • Use the search feature to check for an existing issue
  • Include as much information as possible and provide any relevant resources (Eg. screenshots)
  • For bug reports ensure you have a reproducible test case
    • A pull request with a breaking test would be super preferable here but isn't required

Submitting a Pull Request

  • Squash commits
  • Lint your code with eslint (config provided)
  • Include relevant test updates/additions
  • Delegate hotkeys to root handler (Rather than mousetrap instance for each)
  • Provide HoC API
  • Write tests
  • Generate API docs


Thanks to @ccampbell for Mousetrap