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Get full control over your dimensions!

React Hook to get DOM Element BoundingClientRect together with the page offset snapshot and position relative to body, that covers all your needs.

What makes the package different - You can trigger an update when you really need it.


Countless packages do the same thing, but all of them trigger dimensions update whenever they want.

Let's take a look:

  • react-use-dimensions - Uses resize and scroll event listeners. It's the most popular one. Seriously?

  • react-cool-dimensions - Uses ResizeObserver under the hood. Not bad, but what if you don't want to change state on every resize, but update multiple elements dimensions simultaneously?

  • react-dimensions-hook - ResizeObserver again. But you also can pass an array of dependencies, although it's not documented... I started with a few PRs to the package but decided to create a separate thing because of many breaking changes.

  • react-hooks-get-dimensions - Uses resize event listener. That's all.

  • use-element-dimensions - Uses ResizeObserver. Returns only width and height.

I hope you can see, that none let you control dimensions update by yourself.


import { useDimensions } from 'react-hook-dimensions';

/* ... */

const [elementRef, elementDimensions, updateElementDimensions] = useDimensions({
  dependencies: [],
  defaults: {
    height: 300,
    scrollY: 123,
  layoutEffect: true,
  1. Pass ref called elementRef here to an element you want to measure.
  2. Then take dimensions data from the second param. Although initially, all values are going to be zeros or set to default.
  3. There are two ways to update dimensions: 3.1. Use dependencies options. When one of the dependencies changes, the hook updates dimensions. You can set it to an empty array if you want to have a computed value from the start. 3.2. Call the updateElementDimensions function, that's the third param.
  4. If you use dependencies you can set layoutEffect to true if you want to update dimenstions on useLayoutEffect.


  • If dependencies option isn't set, then dimensions value will be zero till the update function call.
  • You can set defaults option, that will override initial dimension value. It may be usefull for SSR.
  • The dimensions object has scrollX and scrollY values that computed on update, together with BoundingClientRect.
  • The dimensions object has positionLeft and positionTop values relative to page.
  • 100% TypeScript.

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