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    React Hamburger Menu

    Built for React, this is a handy UI component for a menu icon in a mobile site or application.


    react-hamburger-menu requires React 0.14 or later.

    npm install --save react-hamburger-menu

    Demo & Example

    Live demo:

    To build the example locally, clone this repo then run:

    npm install
    npm start
    Then open localhost:8080 in a browser.


    React Hamburger Menu only has two required props. They are isOpen and menuClicked. The other 7 props are optional.


    Note: This prop is passed a function. This function will be invoked when the component is clicked. The function should responsible for updating the state that is passed to isOpen. The function passed to menuClicked could look something like the following:

    handleClick() {
            open: !

    An example use of React Hamburger Menu looks like:


    Note, not all props are required. All the props besides isOpen and menuClicked have defaults.


    Property Type Default Description
    isOpen bool undefined determines whether the menu is a hamburger or cross icon
    menuClicked func undefined will be invoked when the component is clicked
    width number 36 the width of the icon
    height number 30 the height of the icon
    strokeWidth number 2 the stroke width of the lines
    rotate number 0 the rotation of the icon, eg {45} would be 45deg
    color string #000 the color of both icons
    borderRadius number 0 the border radius of the lines
    animationDuration number 0.4 the length of time it takes for the icon transitions to complete.
    className string undefined the class name for the container element


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    MIT Licensed Copyright (c) Cameron Bourke 2016


    npm i react-hamburger-menu

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