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React H5 Audio Player

  • Audio player component that provides consistent UI/UX on different browsers.
  • Super customizable layout
  • Flexbox css with SVG icons. Mobile friendly.
  • I18n and a11y supported, keyboards events supported.
  • Support Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
  • Written in TypeScript.


Live Demo: Storybook

Try it on CodePen:

Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE 11

Migrate from v2.x to v3


$ npm i react-h5-audio-player


$ yarn add react-h5-audio-player


import AudioPlayer from 'react-h5-audio-player';
import 'react-h5-audio-player/lib/styles.css';
// import 'react-h5-audio-player/lib/styles.less' Use LESS
// import 'react-h5-audio-player/src/styles.scss' Use SASS

const Player = () => (
    onPlay={e => console.log("onPlay")}
    // other props here

Keyboard shortcuts (When audio player focused)

They can be turned off by setting hasDefaultKeyBindings prop to false

Key binding Action
Space Play/Pause
Volume up
Volume down
L Toggle loop
M Toggle mute


HTML Audio Tag Native Attributes

Props Type Default Note
src string ''
preload 'auto' | 'metadata' | 'none' 'auto'
autoPlay boolean false Won't work on most mobile devices
loop boolean false
muted boolean false
volume number 1.0 Won't work on most mobile devices
crossOrigin string undefined
mediaGroup string undefined

More native attributes detail: MDN Audio element

The controls attribute defaults to false and should never be changed to true because this library is already providing UI.

UI/UX Props

Props Type Default Note
showSkipControls boolean false Show Previous/Next buttons
showJumpControls boolean true Show Rewind/Forward buttons
showDownloadProgress boolean true Show download progress over progress bar
showFilledProgress boolean true Show filled (already played) area on progress bar
showFilledVolume boolean false Show filled volume area on volume bar
hasDefaultKeyBindings boolean true Whether has default keyboard shortcuts
autoPlayAfterSrcChange boolean true Play audio after src is changed, no matter autoPlay is true or false
volumeJumpStep number 0.1 Indicates the volume jump step when pressing up/down arrow key, volume range is 0 to 1
progressJumpStep number 5000 Deprecated, use progressJumpSteps. Indicates the progress jump step (ms) when clicking rewind/forward button or left/right arrow key
progressJumpSteps object { backward: 5000, forward: 5000 } Indicates the progress jump step (ms) when clicking rewind/forward button or left/right arrow key
progressUpdateInterval number 20 Indicates the interval (ms) that the progress bar UI updates,
listenInterval number 1000 Indicates the interval (ms) to call the onListened prop during playback
defaultCurrentTime ReactNode '--:--' Default display for audio's current time before src's meta data is loaded
defaultDuration ReactNode '--:--' Default display for audio's duration before src's meta data is loaded
timeFormat 'auto' | 'mm:ss'
| 'hh:mm:ss'
'auto' Time format for both current time and duration. 'auto' means when duration is greater than one hour, time format is hh:mm:ss, otherwise it's mm:ss
header ReactNode null Header of the audio player
footer ReactNode null Footer of the audio player
layout 'stacked' | 'horizontal' |
'stacked-reverse' |
'stacked' Overall layout of the audio player
customIcons CustomIcons {} Custom icons to replace the default ones
customProgressBarSection Array<string |
Custom layout of progress bar section
customControlsSection Array<string |
Custom layout of controls section
customAdditionalControls Array<string |
[LOOP] Custom layout of additional controls
customVolumeControls Array<string |
[VOLUME] Custom layout of volume controls
i18nAriaLabels I18nAriaLabels I18nAriaLabels A configuration object to overwrite the default aria-label on the action buttons
mse Object null A configuration object so the player can play audio chunks, MSE streams and encrypted audio (See section about Media Source Extensions in this Readme)
mse.srcDuration number - The complete duration of the MSE audio chunks together (this is a key of the mse prop)
mse.onSeek Function (Event) - The callback to be used when seek happens (this is a key of the mse prop)
mse.srcDuration number - The callback to be used when encrypted audio is detected and needs to be decrypted (this is a key of the mse prop)

Event Props

Supported media events: onPlay, onPause, onEnded, onSeeking, onSeeked, onAbort, onCanPlay, onCanPlayThrough, onEmptied, onError, onLoadStart, onLoadedMetaData, onLoadedData, onPlaying, onSuspend, onWaiting, onVolumeChange

Docs: Media Events | MDN

Note: onTimeUpdate is not supported. Please use onListen with listenInterval for better performance.

Other events

Props Type Default Note
onClickPrevious Function (Event) null Called when click Previous button
onClickNext Function (Event) null Called when click Next button
onListen Function (Event) null Called every listenInterval milliseconds during playback
onPlayError Function (Error) null Called when there's error invoking, it captures error that onError won't catch
onChangeCurrentTimeError Function () null Called when dragging progress bar or press rewind/forward while the audio hasn't loaded yet

UI Overwrites

Besides using props to change UI, React H5 Audio Player provides built-in class names and SASS/LESS variables for developers to overwrite.

SASS variables

$rhap_theme-color: #868686 !default;   // Color of all buttons and volume/progress indicators
$rhap_background-color: #fff !default; // Color of the player background
$rhap_bar-color: #e4e4e4 !default;     // Color of volume and progress bar
$rhap_time-color: #333 !default;       // Font color of current time and duration
$rhap_font-family: inherit !default;   // Font family of current time and duration

For LESS variables, just replace $ with @. This library supports both.

Status class names

There are some status class names on the audio player's wrapper div. They can be used for overwriting styles.

className Description
rhap_loop--on Loop is on
rhap_loop--off Loop is off
rhap_play-status--paused Paused status
rhap_play-status--playing Playing status

For example:

.rhap_play-status--paused .rhap_progress-bar {
  // Overwrite the progress bar style while the audio is paused

Advanced Usage

Access to the audio element

You can get direct access to the underlying audio element. First get a ref to ReactAudioPlayer:

this.player = createRef()

<ReactAudioPlayer ref={this.player} />

Then you can access the audio element like this:

Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions

You can use Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions with this player. You need to provide the complete duration, and also a onSeek and onEncrypted callbacks. The logic for feeding the audio buffer and providing the decryption keys (if using encryption) must be set in the consumer side. The player does not provide that logic. Check the StoryBook example to understand better how to use.

Release Notes

How to contribute

Issues and PR's are welcome.


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