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React/Express starter project with build pipeline

This is a simple seed project for a react project with a simple node/express backend, based off of the react tutorial, but written in es2015 syntax.

Initial setup

Clone the project

git clone

Run npm install

cd thor-react-seed npm install

Install livereload chrome extension

In order to enable live reload, you need to click the symbol. If there is a black filled circle in the middle, it is running.


gulp build / npm run build

This builds the code into the /public/build directory and depends on the test task. This build will minify the build.js file as well.

NOTE: This build process will not bundle react and react-dom into the build.js file, as any consuming apps should already have react and react-dom as dependencies somewhere. If you want to test build.js for whatever reason, you will need to import them into index.html just use:

  <script src=""></script>
  <script src=""></script>

npm run start-dev

This runs a nodemon of the server (live reloading on the server) as well as the live reloading/rebuilding for the front end.

npm start

This simply runs the node server

gulp test / npm run test

This runs the unit tests


This will be updated with more stuff such as gulp tasks to bundle/publish to npm


npm i react-gulp-es6-seed

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