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React component for Google reCAPTCHA v2.


npm install --save react-google-recaptcha


All you need to do is sign up for an API key pair. You will need the client key then you can use <ReCAPTCHA />.

The default usage imports a wrapped component that loads the google recaptcha script asynchronously then instantiates a reCAPTCHA the user can then interact with.

Here is a simple working example on

Code Example:

import ReCAPTCHA from "react-google-recaptcha";
function onChange(value) {
  console.log("Captcha value:", value);
    sitekey="Your client site key"

Component Props

Properties used to customise the rendering:

Name Type Description
sitekey string The API client key
onChange func The function to be called when the user successfully completes the captcha
theme enum optional light or dark The theme of the widget (defaults: light). See example
type enum optional image or audio The type of initial captcha (defaults: image)
tabindex number optional The tabindex on the element (default: 0)
onExpired func optional callback when the challenge is expired and has to be redone by user. By default it will call the onChange with null to signify expired callback.
onErrored func optional callback when the challenge errored, most likely due to network issues.
stoken string optional set the stoken parameter, which allows the captcha to be used from different domains, see reCAPTCHA secure-token
size enum optional compact, normal or invisible. This allows you to change the size or do an invisible captcha
badge enum optional bottomright, bottomleft or inline. Positions reCAPTCHA badge. Only for invisible reCAPTCHA

Component Instance API

The component instance also has some utility functions that can be called. These can be accessed via ref.

  • getValue() returns the value of the captcha field
  • getWidgetId() returns the recaptcha widget Id
  • reset() forces reset. See the JavaScript API doc
  • execute() programmatically invoke the challenge


const recaptchaRef = React.createRef();
onSubmit = () ={
  const recaptchaValue = recaptchaRef.current.getValue();
render() {
  return (
    <form onSubmit={this.onSubmit} >
        sitekey="Your client site key"

Invisible reCAPTCHA

Invisible reCAPTCHA

See the reCAPTCHA documentation to see how to configure it.

With the invisible option, you need to handle things a bit differently. You will need to call the execute method yourself.

import ReCAPTCHA from "react-google-recaptcha";
const recaptchaRef = React.createRef();
  <form onSubmit={() => { recaptchaRef.current.execute(); }}>
      sitekey="Your client site key"

Advanced usage

Global properties used by reCaptcha

lang: By default google reCaptcha infers the user's interface language. In order to overwrite the language and update the translation for the reCaptcha widget, you can create a global variable configuring the desired language via lang.

useRecaptchaNet: If is blocked, you can set useRecaptchaNet to true so that the component uses instead.

removeOnUnmount: If you plan to change the lang dynamically, removeOnUnmount should probably be true. This unloads the google recaptcha script on componetWillUnmount to allow for a new google recaptcha script to load next time the reCAPTCHA component is used to facilitate a new language if needed.

Example global properties:

window.recaptchaOptions = {
  lang: 'fr',
  useRecaptchaNet: true,
  removeOnUnmount: false,

ReCaptcha loading google recaptcha script manually

You can also use the barebone components doing the following. Using that component will oblige you to manage the grecaptcha dep and load the script by yourself.

import { ReCAPTCHA } from "react-google-recaptcha";
const grecaptchaObject = window.grecaptcha // You must provide access to the google grecaptcha object.
    ref={(r) => this.recaptcha = r}
    sitekey="Your client site key"

Notes on Requirements

At least React@16.4.1 is required due to forwardRef usage in the dependency react-async-script.


Pre 1.0.0 and React < 16.4.1 support details in 0.14.0.


npm i react-google-recaptcha

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