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    A React component that plays a glitch animation for any text that you enter.

    How To Use:

    import Glitchify from 'react-glitchify';
    	const MyApp = () => {
    			<div>Some usual stupid stuff,
    			follow by a super awesome animation !</div>
    			<Glitchify>Show me the power of NPM.</Glitchify>

    You may also use the following options:

    • steps: The steps that the animation is divided by. More steps could result in a more prevalent distortion, but will also impact the performance more. (Value is a Number)
    • fontSize: The size of the font. Please specify unit: px, em, rem, vw, vh...(Value is a string)
    • color: The color of the text. Please specify the color with its unit or by name. Hex colors preceded by an octothorpe ('#'), rgb colors using rgb( , , ), and so on... (Value is a string)
    • background: The color of the background of the animation. Please specify either a color with its unit, or by its name.
    • font: choose any font you like. Specify a font as such: 'sans-serif'. (value must be a string)

    All those options should be passed as props. If none are specified, you will get a default of:

    • 20 steps
    • 1rem fontSize
    • black color
    • white background
    • sans-serif font

    How To Build From Source:

    For Development:

    	npm run no-defaults

    For Production:

    	npm run build

    You may also just use the react component by copying Glitchify.jsx into your project and importing it from the directory you put it in.


    npm i react-glitchify

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