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A React component that plays a glitch animation for any text that you enter.

How To Use:

import Glitchify from 'react-glitchify';

	const MyApp = () => {
			<div>Some usual stupid stuff,
			follow by a super awesome animation !</div>
			<Glitchify>Show me the power of NPM.</Glitchify>

You may also use the following options:

  • steps: The steps that the animation is divided by. More steps could result in a more prevalent distortion, but will also impact the performance more. (Value is a Number)
  • fontSize: The size of the font. Please specify unit: px, em, rem, vw, vh...(Value is a string)
  • color: The color of the text. Please specify the color with its unit or by name. Hex colors preceded by an octothorpe ('#'), rgb colors using rgb( , , ), and so on... (Value is a string)
  • background: The color of the background of the animation. Please specify either a color with its unit, or by its name.
  • font: choose any font you like. Specify a font as such: 'sans-serif'. (value must be a string)

All those options should be passed as props. If none are specified, you will get a default of:

  • 20 steps
  • 1rem fontSize
  • black color
  • white background
  • sans-serif font

How To Build From Source:

For Development:

	npm run no-defaults

For Production:

	npm run build

You may also just use the react component by copying Glitchify.jsx into your project and importing it from the directory you put it in.

Get it on NPM:

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