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react-fzf 🪡

A tiny headless React fzf wrapper.

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react-fzf is a tiny headless React wrapper for the fzf library providing a hook and a component to quickly add fuzzy matching & highlighting to your React application.

import { useState } from 'react'
import { FzfHighlight, useFzf } from 'react-fzf'

import { items } from './data'

export function Example() {
  const [query, setQuery] = useState('')

  const { results, getFzfHighlightProps } = useFzf({ items, query })

  return (
      <input type="text" placeholder="Filter…" value={query} onChange={(event) => setQuery(} />
        {, index) => (
          <li key={item}>
            <FzfHighlight {...getFzfHighlightProps({ item, index })} />


Before diving into the documentation, you can visit this demo or check out the various examples provided in this repository. To run them locally, you can use the pnpm dev command and open the URL from the output (usually http://localhost:5173) in your browser.



Using your favorite package manager, run one of the following commands:

pnpm add react-fzf
yarn add react-fzf
npm install react-fzf

And then import the hook and component in your React application:

import { useFzf, FzfHighlight } from 'react-fzf'

useFzf() hook

This React hook handles fuzzy filtering the provided items based on a query.

const { results, getFzfHighlightProps } = useFzf({ items, query })


The hook expects an object of options as its only argument with the following properties:


any[] | required

An array containing all the items to fuzzy filter.


string | required

The query to use for fuzzy matching.


(item: any) => string | optional for string items, required for other items

A function used to get the string representation of an item. This is optional for string items but if the provided items are objects for example, this function is required to transform them into strings.

Fzf options

If needed, you can also optionally pass down any of the supported fzf library options, e.g. limit, sort, etc. You can find the full list of supported options in the fzf library documentation.

Return value

The useFzf() hook returns an object with the following properties:


An array containing all the items fuzzy filtered based on the provided query.


A function used to get the props to pass down to the <FzfHighlight /> component to optionally highlight matched characters. See the <FzfHighlight /> component documentation for more informations.

This function also expects an object of options as its only argument with the following properties:

  • item: required - The item to highlight.
  • index: optional - The index of the item in the results array. This is optional but recommended for faster lookups.
  • as: optional - The HTML element to use for wrapping highlighted characters. Defaults to strong.

You can also pass down any properties that you wish to apply to the elements that will be used to highlight the matched characters, e.g. className, style, etc.

<FzfHighlight /> component

Optionally, if you want to highlight the characters in the results matching the provided query, you can use the <FzfHighlight /> component.

This component does not wrap the provided item in a container element, it only wraps the matched characters in the provided item with an HTML element (strong by default).

Use the getFzfHighlightProps() function returned by the useFzf() hook to apply props to the <FzfHighlight /> component.

const { results, getFzfHighlightProps } = useFzf({ items, query })

return (
    {, index) => (
      <li key={item}>
        <FzfHighlight {...getFzfHighlightProps({ item, index })} />

You can customize the HTML element used to wrap matched characters by passing down the as prop, and also pass down any other properties that you wish to apply to the wrapping element.

  <FzfHighlight {...getFzfHighlightProps({ item, index, as: 'mark', className: 'text-blue-600' })} />
   * With the query "fa", this will render:
   *    <li>
   *      <mark class="text-blue-600">f</mark>oob<mark class="text-blue-600">a</mark>r
   *    </li>


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © HiDeoo.

See LICENSE for more information.

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