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    React Flex Slick

    This is library aims to replace react-slick.

    Uses flexbox exclusively, so no support for older browsers 😢 😢

    On the bright side, it is extremly flexible. Currently it supports >=react-0.14 including rc's

    Any questions?? Join here react-flex-slick on slack


    To run the examples:

    1. git clone
    2. cd react-flex-slick && npm i
    3. npm start

    What works

    • Infinite and Non-infinite Mode
    • Pages
    • Horizontal and Vertical Sliding
    • Multiple Slides per page (slidesToScroll = slidesToShow)
    • Left and Right Arrows to go back and forth
    • Arrows have active and inactive classes.
    • Custom Arrows
    • Touch Scrolling/Mouse Dragging
    • Edge Friction


    Comparision with Slick


    • cssEase - renamed to transitionTimingFn
    • speed - renamed to transitionSpeed
    • easing - Not supported: Minimum browser support ensure CSS Transistions are present.
    • arrows - Alternate way: Instead of arrows pass empty <div> to the Slider
    • appendArrows, appendDots - Not supported due the architecture of component
    • mobileFirst - Alternate way: Control the size of Slider just usign css on the parent class
    • prevArrow, nextArrow - Alternate way: Just put a ref on prevArrow and nextArrow
    • infinite - works as expected
    • initialSlide - works as expected
    • rows - Alternate way: Pass pages of slides instead of slides
    • slidesPerRow - Alternate Way: Pass pages of slides instead of slides
    • vertical - works as expected
    • swipe, verticalSwiping - merged into swipe - works as expected
    • touchMove - works as expected
    • draggable - works as expected
    • edgeFriction - works as expected
    • touchThreshold - fraction by which you should slide for slide to change - lies between 0 and 1
    • autoPlay, autoPlaySpeed - works as expected. Bonus: If the mounted component with autoPlay recieve autoPlay={false} then it will pause the slider.
    • zIndex - Not supported: No support for IE 9 itself requires atleast IE11
    • centerPadding - Alternate way: Use css on pages to manipulate this
    • customPaging - Alternate way: Just pass your slides in pages whatever way you want
    • waitForAnimate - This is the default behaviour of current slider. Otherwise behaviour is not implemented yet.
    • useCSS - Not supported: We don't have to fallback for jQuery animations for ancient browsers because we dont support them in first place.

    Remaining: slidesToShow, slidesToScroll, accessibility, rtl, dots, dotClass, pauseOnHover, pauseOnDotsHover, responsive, swipeToSlide, slide, variableWidth, centerMode, fade, lazyLoad, respondTo

    Progress - Total: 43 Current: 27


    • beforeChange - beforeChange(prevSlide, currSlide) but doesn't have the event handler
    • afterChange - afterChange(prevSlide, currSlide) but doesn't have the event handler
    • swipeEvent - swipeEvent(direction) but doesn't have the event handler
    • edgeEvent - edgeEvent(direction) but doesn't have the event handler
    • init, reInit - Alternate way: Can be invoke in parent components lifecycle methods.
    • destroy - Alternate way: Can be invoke in parent components lifecycle methods when the slider is taken out of the render tree.
    • setPosition - Not positions are calculated from the DOM. So, doesn't make sense.
    • breakpoint - Not implemented yet

    Progress - Total: 9 Current: 8


    No slick method will be supported because they encourage anti-patterns in react i.e, changing the state of child component via a parent component directly or indirectly using setState. You can add all this by passing props to the Slider component. Detailed examples will be written showing how.





    npm i react-flex-slick

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