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This is a table component made with ReactJS. It is made to allow the user to pick out subsets of the table's data to highlight or display by themselves.

var FilterTable = require('react-filter-table');

var App = React.createClass({
render: function() {
return (

data={[{"cats/house":10, "kids/house":3},{"cat/house":1, "kids/house":0}]}
titles={[{title:"cats/house", display: null},{title:"kids/house", display:null}]}


subset - an array representing a subset of an array of attributes.

functionality - "subset" or "highlight", defaults to "subset"

getColHeader - a callback which returns the header of a column

getRange - a callback which returns the min and max of an array of attributes

data - data inputted by user: [{attr1: int, attr2: int,attr3: int}, ...]

titles - array of title data: [ {title: "attr1", display: "nice title that you want to display"}, ...], if no titles.display, uses titles.titles. title attribute must always match corresponding attribute in data