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A fully customizable file tree that expands and contracts with the click of a button!


React Filetree Electron Demo


  • Note: requires node version >= 6 and an npm version >= 3.
npm install react-filetree-electron

OR, if using yarn

yarn add react-filetree-electron


import FileTree from 'react-filetree-electron';

Then just use it like a normal React component. Make sure to provide a string to act as the directory path. This is the only required property, but there are many optional properties. See below.

const directory = '/Users/Your-Name-Here/Directory'
<FileTree directory={directory} />

FileTree Props

All props are optional except directory.

Property Type Options [default] Description
directory string The directory that acts as the tree root.
onFileClick function A function to be performed when a user clicks a file list item (not a directory list item).
directoryTheme string ['light'], 'dark' Theme for the directory icon
fileTreeStyle object [{ fontFamily: 'sans-serif', listStyle: 'none' }] Merge or change style attributes for the overall file tree
directoryStyle object [{ marginBottom: 3 }] Merge or change style attributes for the directory list items
fileStyle object [{ marginBottom: 3 }] Merge or change style attributes for the file list items

Special Thanks

  • react-electron-boilerplate was used for the example and for development purposes (