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Simple and powerful fetching library for React. Use hooks to fetch data!

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Zero dependencies (react, react-dom as peer deps)

SSR support

Use hooks or FACC's (Function as Child Components) - depending on your needs

Uses Fetch API (but allows to use custom fetch implemenation and axios as well)

Request and response interceptors allows to easily customize connection with API

React Suspense support (experimental *)

TypeScript support

Error boundaries to catch bad API responses

Less than 3k minizipped

Simple work with cache

Request deduplication

Poll Interval

Handle race conditions

Allows to abort pending requests


Use hooks or FACC's (Function as Child Component) to fetch data in an easy way. No dependencies! Just React under the hood.

Request and response interceptors allows you to easily customize connection with API (add authorization, refresh token, cache, etc). It uses Fetch API so it can be used in SSR apps (i.e. with isomorphic-fetch).

Library allows you to use it with connection of React Suspense (read more about React Suspense) to easily maintain loading state in application.


Full documentation is available HERE

Short example of use

import { useQuery } from 'react-fetching-library';

const fetchUsersList = {
  method: 'GET',
  endpoint: '/users',

export const UsersListContainer = () => {
  const { loading, payload, error, query } = useQuery(fetchUsersList);

  return <UsersList loading={loading} error={error} users={payload} onReload={query} />;

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Typescript support



Feel free to open PRs and issues to make this library better !

When making a PR, make sure all tests pass. If you add a new feature, please consider updating the documentation or codesandbox examples. Thank you!

Using Suspense to fetch data

For now React Suspense is not production ready to use it for fetch data as described here, so API of our component/hook may change in the future.


react-fetching-library is licensed under the MIT license.

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