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    Essence - The Essential Material Design Framework

    About Essence

    Essence is a CSS framework that implements the guidelines from Google Material Design Specification using Facebook's react.js library. Use it to easily build super-fast and great looking web & mobile interfaces.

    See here what you can build with Essence and how to do it. We've got several examples that will help you get started.


    npm install react-essence

    Import components

    import AppBar from 'essence-appbar';
    import BottomSheets from 'essence-bottomsheet';
    import Btn from 'essence-button';
    import Chip from 'essence-chip';
    import {Card, CardHeader, CardContent, CardFooter} from 'essence-card';
    import {Block, Text, Divider, Utils} from 'essence-core';
    import DataTable from 'essence-data-table';
    import Icon from 'essence-icon';
    import Image from 'essence-image';
    import Input from 'essence-input';
    import {List, ListItem} from 'essence-list';
    import Menu from 'essence-menu';
    import Navigation from 'essence-navigation';
    import Paper from 'essence-paper';
    import Progress from 'essence-progress';
    import Slider from 'essence-slider';
    import SnackBar from 'essence-snackbar';
    import Stepper from 'essence-stepper';
    import Switch from 'essence-switch';
    import Tab from 'essence-tab';
    import Toast from 'essence-toast';
    import ToolBar from 'essence-toolbar';
    import Tooltip from 'essence-tooltip';
    import TouchPad from 'essence-touchpad';

    How to use

    Use the example or live example from each component page.

    About us

    We are a team of front end developers with extensive experience in building highly desirable products for both large companies and startups alike here at

    We're very fond of our UI/UX craft and we're constantly creating tools that allow us to work smarter and faster. Essence is one of those tools and we're happy to release it as open-source.


    Essence is MIT licensed.

    Essence documentation is Creative Commons licensed.


    npm i react-essence

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