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A marquee component for React using CSS.


💡 Project Description

A highly customisable marquee component for React built using CSS. Renders anything given between the tags, be it an image, text or a custom JSX element!

🔧 Installation

npm install react-easy-marquee


yarn add react-easy-marquee

📦 Example

A demo is worth a thousand words!

import Marquee from "react-easy-marquee";

const Example = () => {
  const images = ["", ""];

  return (
      <Marquee duration={10000} background="#fafafa" height="250px">
        <h1>I go weee!</h1>

        { => (
          <img src={image} alt="picsum" />

export default Example;

🖇️ Props

Name Description Type/Values Required Default Example
Children Component that should animate JSX Element true N/A N/A
Class Name Extra classes for the marquee string false N/A N/A
Duration Duration for a loop to run in ms
NOTE: It changes with the children
number false 5000 duration={5000}
Reverse Direction of the marquee boolean false false reverse={false}
Background Background color of the marquee
Accepts any color format as string
string false "transparent" background="#fafafa"
background="RGB(250, 250, 250)"
Height Height of the marquee string false "5rem" height="5rem"
Width Width of the marquee string false "100%" width="100%"
Axis The axis along which children should move "X" or "Y" false "X" axis="X"
Align Alignment of the children inside the marquee "start" or "end" false "center" align="end"
Pause On Hover Animation to pause when marquee is on hover boolean false false pauseOnHover={false}

🚨 Forking this repo

Many people have contacted us asking if they can use this code for their own websites. The answer to that question is usually "yes", with attribution. There are some cases, such as using this code for a business or something that is greater than a personal project, that we may be less comfortable saying yes to. If in doubt, please don't hesitate to ask us.

We value keeping this site open source, but as you all know, plagiarism is bad. We spent a non-negligible amount of effort developing, designing, and trying to perfect this iteration of our website, and we are proud of it! All we ask is to not claim this effort as your own.

So, feel free to fork this repo. If you do, please just give us proper credit by linking back to this repo, Refer to this handy quora post if you're not sure what to do. Thanks!

📜 License

react-easy-marquee is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

🤝 Contributing

Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

💥 Mention

A special thanks to Styled Components for the inspiration, and SneakySensei to introducing me to it.

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