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Offline and Online components for React

Components that track offline and online state. Render certain content only when online (or only when offline).

import { Offline, Online } from "react-detect-offline";

const App = () => (
    <Online>Only shown when you're online</Online>
    <Offline>Only shown offline (surprise!)</Offline>


Check out for a simple example (source code).



<Online/> and <Offline/> - Components that render their children only when the browser is online/offline.

<Offline>You're offline right now. Check your connection.</Offline>


<Detector render={({ online }) => ...}/> - Component that calls its render prop every time the connection state changes. The render prop is supplied with an object with an online boolean value. Recommended for more complex cases, e.g. when styles need to be changed with connection status.

  render={({ online }) => (
    <div className={online ? "normal" : "warning"}>
      You are currently {online ? "online" : "offline"}


<Online/>, <Offline/>, and <Detector/> accept the following props:

Prop Type Description Default
polling Obj or Bool Config for polling fallback [1] [see below]
polling.enabled Boolean Force polling on or off Depends on the browser [1]
polling.url String URL to pool for connection status ""
polling.interval Number How often (in ms) to poll 5000
polling.timeout Number How long (in ms) before timeout 5000
onChange Function Called when connection changes none
children [2] Element(s) Children not Detector none
render [3] Func Render function Detector only none

[1] Polling is only used as a fallback for browsers that don't support the "online" event. Currently these are Chrome on Windows, Firefox on Windows, and Chrome on Linux.

[2] <Online/> and <Offline/> only. <Detector/> will not render children.

[3] <Detector/> only

Browser Support

The web spec we rely on is supported by IE 9+, Chrome 14+, Firefox 41+, and Safari 5+ - that's 94% of worldwide (98% of US) browser traffic. A polling fallback is used for browsers that don't implement the spec in a useful way (see note [1] in the above Props section).


This package is maintained by cwise89 (and was initially created by chrisbolin).

PRs are welcome!

  • Test: yarn test
  • Build: yarn build. Make sure you commit the build file (dist/index.js)

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