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Welcome to react-delightful-scroller 👋

A delightful, virtualized modern infinite scroller 🎉

Demo and usage

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  • Provides delightful infinite scrolling experience for thousands of items
  • Uses batching and virtualization techniques to reduce DOM nodes
  • Handles fixed and dynamic height elements automatically
  • Smooth, aims to achieve 60fps
  • Fully customizable
  • Uses modern web APIs/features
  • Supports vertical scrolling on window (More axis and custom element scroll support soon)
  • Tiny library(Around 7kb gzip)
  • Many more

Component props

Property Type Required? Description
items Array Items to render, can be array of strings, objects or numbers etc.
itemsCount Number Total number of items to render, this can be larger than number of items, in that case a sentinel is added at the bottom(infinite scroll) of rendered items and onFetchMore is triggered when page is scrolled to bottom until the number of items are equal to the itemsCount.
RenderItem Component Component which renders each item. Gets item and index as prop.
RenderContainer Component Component which renders scroll container. Gets children and forwardRef as prop.
removeFromDOM Boolean Should remove/add items from DOM while virtualizing and replace with empty node of same height of item. If set to false, items will be set to visibility: hidden; if not visible in the viewport. Default: true.
root Function A function returning scroll parent node. Scroll listener will be attached to this element(if provided) instead of window. Default: null(indicates window/viewport is the scroll parent).
averageItemHeight Number Average item height if the items are dynamic. Default: 10.
itemHeight Number Fixed item height if the items height is fixed. This takes more priority over averageItemHeight if specified. Default: null.
getItemKey Function Specify custom key prop while rendering each item. function receives item and index as argument.
wrapperElement String HTML tag used to wrap each rendered item and sentinel. Default: div.
axis String Scroll axis. Default: y.
batch Boolean Should batch items(check batchSize) or not. Default: true.
batchSize Number Batch of items to render at once when virtualizing. Default: 10.
batchBufferDistance Number Buffer distance of batch from both side of viewport/scrollable node. the batch is only rendered if the batch overlaps with this offset. Default: 250.
fetchMoreBufferDistance Number Buffer distance to trigger onFetchMore. Default: 500.
onFetchMore Function Function called when sentinel is near the viewport(when it crosses fetchMoreBufferDistance). The function receives {size, itemsCount, batchSize} as argument.
RenderLoader Component Component which renders loader when sentinel triggers onFetchMore(basically, more items are loading). Gets items, itemsCount and batchSize as prop.


This project uses yarn workspaces. You need to have yarn installed.



# Develop 
yarn watch
# Build and serve 
yarn build
yarn serve


  • Custom container support
  • Support more axis - x, y-reverse & x-reverse
  • Scroll restoration
  • More stories
  • Test cases


👤 Ganapati V S <>

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Feel free to check issues page.

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