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    React Credit Card Kit

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    A credit/debit card kit for React , based on react-credit-card-input

    Support swipe card


    Click here for an interactive demo


    $ npm install --save react-credit-card-kit


    One line

    import CreditCardInput from 'react-credit-card-kit';
      cardNumberInputProps={{ value: cardNumber, onChange: this.handleCardNumberChange }}
      cardExpiryInputProps={{ value: expiry, onChange: this.handleCardExpiryChange }}
      cardCVCInputProps={{ value: cvc, onChange: this.handleCardCVCChange }}

    Full Form

    import CreditCardFullForm from 'react-credit-card-kit';
      afterValidateCard={(formIsValid) => {}}

    Form and Pay via Email

    import CreditCardFormNPayViaEmail from 'react-credit-card-kit';

    Available props

    PropTypeDefault valueDescription
    cardNumberInputProps object (optional){} Card number input element props
    (e.g. { value: cardNumber, onChange: this.handleCardNumberChange, onBlur: this.handleCardNumberBlur })
    cardExpiryInputProps object (optional){} Card expiry date input element props
    (e.g. { value: expiry, onChange: this.handleCardExpiryChange, onBlur: this.handleCardExpiryBlur })
    cardCVCInputProps object (optional){} Card CVC input element props
    (e.g. { value: cvc, onChange: this.handleCardCVCChange, onBlur: this.handleCardCVCBlur })
    cardNumberInputRenderer Function (view input renderer props below) Card number input renderer
    cardExpiryInputRenderer Function (view input renderer props below) Card expiry date input renderer
    cardCVCInputRenderer Function (view input renderer props below) Card CVC input renderer
    cardImageClassName string (optional)'' Class name for the card type image
    cardImageStyle object (optional){} Style for the card type image
    containerClassName string (optional)'' Class name for the field container
    containerStyle object (optional){} Style for the field container
    showError boolean (optional)true Option for show error text
    showPopoverError boolean (optional)false Option for show error popover
    autoFocus boolean (optional)true Auto focus smart way
    allowCardTypes array (optional)[] List allow card types
    translator object (optional){} Custom message to localize
    dangerTextClassName string (optional)'' Class name for the danger text
    dangerTextStyle object (optional){} Style for the danger text container
    fieldClassName string (optional)'' Class name for the field
    fieldStyle object (optional){} Style for the field
    inputClassName string (optional)'' Class name for the inputs
    inputStyle object (optional){} Style for the inputs
    invalidClassName string (optional)'is-invalid' Class name for the invalid field
    invalidStyle object (optional){} Style for the invalid field
    inputComponent string, function, class (optional)'input' Input component for the card number, expiry and CVC input

    Input renderer props

    handleCardNumberChange Function Handle card number change.
    handleCardNumberBlur Function Handle card number blur.
    handleCardExpiryChange Function Handle card expiry change.
    handleCardExpiryBlur Function Handle card expiry blur.
    handleCardCVCChange Function Handle card CVC change.
    handleCardCVCBlur Function Handle card CVC blur.
    afterValidateCard Function Handle then form validate.
    props Object Input component props

    Custom input renderer usage

    Only for type CreditCardInput

      cardCVCInputRenderer={({ handleCardCVCChange, props }) => (
          onChange={handleCardCVCChange(e => console.log('cvc change', e))}
      cardExpiryInputRenderer={({ handleCardExpiryChange, props }) => (
          onChange={handleCardExpiryChange(e =>
            console.log('expiry change', e)
      cardNumberInputRenderer={({ handleCardNumberChange, props }) => (
          onChange={handleCardNumberChange(e =>
            console.log('number change', e)

    Cheers :)


    npm i react-credit-card-kit

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