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React Countdown Circle Timer

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React countdown timer component in a circle shape with color and progress animation.


Performance optimized with single requestAnimationFrame loop to animate color and progress
🌈 Transition between colors during the countdown
🏰 Fully customizable content in the center of the circle


yarn add react-countdown-circle-timer



Check the CodeSandbox demo to get started.

import { CountdownCircleTimer } from 'react-countdown-circle-timer'

const UrgeWithPleasureComponent = () => (
    colors={['#004777', '#F7B801', '#A30000', '#A30000']}
    colorsTime={[7, 5, 2, 0]}
    {({ remainingTime }) => remainingTime}


The package exports a hook useCountdown, which accepts the same props as the component and returns all props needed to render your own circle.

import { useCountdown } from 'react-countdown-circle-timer'

const {
} = useCountdown({ isPlaying: true, duration: 7, colors: '#abc' })


Prop Name Type Default Description
duration number required Countdown duration in seconds
colors string | string[] required colors prop is either:
- Single valid color in any format or URL to a gradient
- Array of colors in HEX format. At least 2 colors should be provided
colorsTime number[] - Indicates the time when a color should switch to the next color. The first number is the countdown duration and the last one is 0 or goal. Works only when colors is an array of HEX colors
isPlaying boolean false Play or pause animation
initialRemainingTime number - Set the initial remaining time if it is different than the duration
updateInterval number 0 Update interval in seconds. Determines how often the timer updates. When set to 0 the value will update on each key frame
size number 180 Width and height of the SVG element
strokeWidth number 12 Path stroke width
trailStrokeWidth number strokeWidth Trail stroke width
strokeLinecap round | square | butt round Path stroke line cap
rotation clockwise | counterclockwise clockwise Progress path rotation direction
isGrowing boolean false Indicated if the progress path should be growing instead of shrinking
trailColor string #d9d9d9 Circle trail color - takes any valid color format
isSmoothColorTransition boolean true Indicates if the colors should smoothly transition to the next color
children (props: { remainingTime: number, elapsedTime: number, color: string }) => ReactNode - Render function to customize the time/content in the center of the circle
onComplete (totalElapsedTime: number) => void | { shouldRepeat: boolean, delay?: number, newInitialRemainingTime?: number } - On animation complete event handler
onUpdate (remainingTime: number) => void - On remaining time update event handler

Browser support

The component and hook support all modern browsers targeting ES6. Internet Explorer (IE) is not longer supported.


Changing duration prop

Once the component is mounted the duration prop can be changed the the timer will respect the new duration. In case the new duration is bigger than the previous one then the timer will continue to the new duration. In case the new duration is smaller then the previous one then the timer will be over. If you want to restart the timer when the duration changes then pass a new key prop to CountdownCircleTimer component and the timer will start over with the new values provided.

Restart timer at any given time

Pass a key prop to CountdownCircleTimer and change the key when the timer should be restarted. Check this demo to find out one possible implementation.

Repeat timer when countdown is completed

Return an object from onComplete handler, which indicates if the animation should be repeated. Example:

const UrgeWithPleasureComponent = () => (
    onComplete={() => {
      // do your stuff here
      return { shouldRepeat: true, delay: 1.5 } // repeat animation in 1.5 seconds

Set the initial remaining time different then the duration provided

Pass the remaining time to initialRemainingTime prop. Example:

const UrgeWithPleasureComponent = () => (

In the example above, the countdown will start at 15 seconds (one quarter before it's done) and it will animate for 15 seconds until it reaches 0.

Time formatting functions

children prop of CountdownCircleTimer component will receive as a prop remainingTime in seconds. Below are a few functions that can be used to get different time formatting:

  • Format mm:ss (minutes and seconds)
const children = ({ remainingTime }) => {
  const minutes = Math.floor(remainingTime / 60)
  const seconds = remainingTime % 60

  return `${minutes}:${seconds}`
  • Format hh:mm:ss (hours, minutes and seconds)
const children = ({ remainingTime }) => {
  const hours = Math.floor(remainingTime / 3600)
  const minutes = Math.floor((remainingTime % 3600) / 60)
  const seconds = remainingTime % 60

  return `${hours}:${minutes}:${seconds}`

Add a11y support

  • Wrapper the timer in an element and add the following attribute aria-label={your-aria-label}
  • Add the following element with role="timer" to your children function that will make the screen reader read the remaining time while the timer is running.
const children = ({ remainingTime }) => (
  <div role="timer" aria-live="assertive">
    {remainingTime} seconds

Add gradient

Define the SVG gradient outside the Timer component and pass the gradient ID to the Timer component as a single color:

    <linearGradient id="your-unique-id" x1="1" y1="0" x2="0" y2="0">
      <stop offset="5%" stopColor="gold" />
      <stop offset="95%" stopColor="red" />
<CountdownCircleTimer colors="url(#your-unique-id)">
  {({ remainingTime }) => remainingTime}

Slide down time animation

Check the CodeSandbox demo to find out how you can implement it yourself

Days, hours, minutes, seconds countdown

Check the CodeSandbox demo for one possible solution

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