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React component encapsulating the logic for filtering with select dropdown and text / dates. Comes with react-combo-select and react-datetime out of the box, but can take render props for select and date picker so you are not forced to use these two packages.


Peer dependencies: React and react-dom. Optional dependencies: react-combo-select, react-datetime *font-awesome(peer of react-combo-select) and moment(peer of react-datetime)

import { ComboSearch } from 'react-combo-search';

and include css file (you may include this in different way) *if you use react-combo-select and react-datetime you are gonna need their css also



We prepared code sandbox demo. Unfortunately, we haven't found the time to add some generic data for you to filter, but you can freely play around with component ot get the feel of what it does. See demo here


onSearch and selectData

There are two mandatory props: first one is "onSearch" which gets fired on submit. Second one is "selectData", which is a required prop in react-combo-select and populates select with options

import React, {Component} from 'react';
import ComboSearch from 'react-combo-search';
// You should not forget to include css
export default class FakeComponent extends Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.searchCallback = this.searchCallback.bind(this);
    searchCallback(data) {
        // you may do something with form data here
        // like call API by async action creator, do client side filtering
        // and transform the data first if you need it in slightly different format
    render() {
        return (
                    selectData={['Name', 'Surname', 'Title', 'Date of birth']}
                    datePickerCriteria='Date of birth'


If you decide on using existing components, you may want to style them differently. You can also pass any prop to style these two in additionalSelectProps and additionalDatePickerProps, see next table.

Property Default Description
classNames --- Object containing classnames listed below
classNames.wrapper ComboSearch Component root element
classNames.datePickerRadioWrapper ComboSearch__datePicker Element wrapping radio buttons and date picker input
classNames.radioGroupWrapper ComboSearch__RadioWrapper Element wrapping radio buttons component
classNames.datePickerWrapper ComboSearch__datePickerWrapper Element wrapping date picker component
classNames.textInput ComboSearch__input InputBox Text input field
classNames.button Button Button--action Apply button, should you choose to use it
radioGroupClassNames --- Object containing classnames for RadioGroup component listed below
radioGroupClassNames.wrapper RadioGroup Component root element
radioGroupClassNames.label RadioGroup__label Class name for label
radioGroupClassNames.fakeRadio RadioGroup__fakeRadio Outer span that can act as a fake radio button
radioGroupClassNames.fakeRadioInner RadioGroup__fakeRadioInner Inner span that can act as a part of a fake radio button
filterBarClassNames --- Object containing classnames for FilterBar component listed below
filterBarClassNames.wrapper FilterBar Component root element
filterBarClassNames.filter FilterBar__filter Class name for individual filter, black card wih filter info
filterBarClassNames.removeButton FilterBar__filterClose Span tag that destroys filter on click
filterBarClassNames.text FilterBar__filterText Paragraph tag containing text inside the filter card

All props

Property Type Default Description
onSearch function none Callback to invoke on filter apply, gets passed form data as only argument
selectData array of objects none Data for react-combo-select to populate select with options, with value and text props
datePickerCriteria string or array none One or more of the options from selectData prop on which we want to open a date picker, either a string or an array of strings (value prop)
selectRenderFn function none Function that returns jsx for your custom select component. Since select is a controlled component this function will get called like selectRenderFn(selectData, selectedText, selectedValue, changeCallback, ...yourArguments), where returning component sets its options to selectData, text to selectedText(optional), value to selectedValue and onChange to changeCallback.
selectRenderFnArgs array none Array of arguments that will get passed to selectRenderFn that you passed. Eg [1, 2, 3] will get spread as arguments
datePickerRenderFn function none Similar to selectRenderFn, will get called as datePickerRenderFn(changeCallback, ..yourArgs)
datePickerRenderFnArgs array none I'll make sure they find their way to datePickerRenderFn
simpleVersion boolean false If true, filter bar will not show and instead of accumulating filters, every submit will be separate
showRadioButtons boolean true If false, the buttons will not render
hasButton boolean false Shows "apply" button, and doesn't submit upon selecting date.
isInFetchingState boolean false If true, component will go into state where submit, destroying filters and date picker is disabled and there is visual indication that some data is being filtered
selectDefaultValue object First item in selectData prop option that is preselected in react-combo-select on component render, with value nad text props
validationCallback function (value) => { return value && value.length >= 3; } Function to run to validate text input, will get called with value as argument
inputErrorMessage string "This field is required and should be at least 3 characters long" Message to display if validation fails
dateFormat string "DD MMM YYYY" Prop to pass to date picker, takes any valid moment.js format
validDateFilter function none Function to validate which dates can be picked. See react-datetime docs for more info
additionalSelectProps object none Object to spread on react-combo-select as props. Takes any props react-combo-select takes
additionalDatePickerProps object none Object to spread on react-datetime as props. Takes any props react-datetime takes

Customizing and contributing

You can contact us in case you need some feature or want to contribute, but keep in mind we don't want to go overboard with trying to make this component a "swiss knife". It's possible that you may need additional className props, we haven't fully tested custom styling. Feel free to contact us should that be a case. You can also freely fork and play around with the project.

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