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A carefully crafted combo-box on steroids for React


$ npm i --save react-combo


import Combo from 'react-combo'
import 'react-combo/index.css'
const data = [
  { id: 1, label: 'First option' },
  { id: 2, label: 'Second' },
  { id: 3, label: 'Third' },
  { id: 4, label: 'Forth' }
import Combo, { List } from 'react-combo'
import 'react-combo/index.css'
    emptyText="No items here"

DON'T forget to import the styles from react-combo/index.css


Selected options can be navigated to with arrow keys and removed with Delete or Backspace or with click on remove icon.


Property Type Default Description
dataSource Array|Promise(Array) - an array of items, or a promise resolving to an array.
idProperty String|Function - the name of the property to be used as an id for each item in the dataSource. If the idProperty is a function, it will be called with the item object and expected to return an id.
displayProperty String|Function - the name of the property to be displayed for each item in the dataSource. If the displayProperty is a function, it will be called with the item object and expected to return the item display value.
value String|Number|Array - a single value, or an array of values, if you want to have multiselect.
expanded Boolean - if you want to control the expanded prop (when this is true, the list is visible).
defaultExpanded Boolean false uncontrolled version of expanded.
onChange(value) Function - the onChange callback. Will be called with a value or an array of values.
renderItem(props) Function - a function that can be used to customize how an item is rendered. If you return a React Node, the node will be rendered. If instead you only modify the props passed into this fn and return undefined, those props will be reflected on the default renderItem implementation. You can also use displayProperty: Function to render something else for each item.
renderTag(props) Function - a function that can be used to customize how a selected item is rendered in the combo
tagClearTool(props) Function true specify false or null if you don't want to render a clear icon for selected items/tags
gotoNextOnSelect Booleon true if the combo is a multiSelect and this flag is true, when selecting an item, the current index is moved to the next item, so it can be easily selected by pressing the Enter key again.
renderExpandTool(props) Function - a function to render the expand tool. It receives props for the tool. If you only want to modify the props, you can do so and return undefined. Otherwise, you can return a custom expand tool.
toggleSelection Boolean true when clicking an already selected item, it is deselected
clearTextOnSelect Boolean true when you filter for an item, and then select one, the text is cleared.
defaultText String - -
text String - the text to show in the filtering input, controlled version of defaultText.
onTextChange Function - called when text is changed in the filtering input.
disabled Boolean false prevent all actions on combo: new selection, clear selection.
onActiveTagIndexChange(index) Function - callback called when activeTagIndex changes, if index is -1 no tag is active
activeTagIndex Number - specify which tag is active, specify it's index, controlled version of defaultActiveTagIndex, -1 no tag is active
defaultActiveTagIndex Number -1 specify which tag is active at first render, -1 no tag is active


$ git clone
$ npm i
$ npm run dev

Navigate to http://localhost:9090/




npm i react-combo

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