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    react-clipboard-polyfill (snazzy title, eh?)

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    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
    const MyComponent = () => (
        render={({ copyText }) => (
          <div onClick={() => copyText('Your text here').then(() => anythingYouWant())} />

    A versatile clipboard component for copying text or other data to the user's clipboard on the web. It is a wrapper around the excellent clipboard-polyfill and supports a variety of usage methods so that you can use the patterns your prefer.

    Getting Started

    These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See deployment for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


    This module is distributed with npm which comes with node. It is a React component that is meant to be included in an existing project. You should add it to your project's dependencies like so:

    npm i --save react-clipboard-polyfill

    Once installed, import or require it wherever you need it!

    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill'
    const Clipboard = require('Clipboard');

    I'm only distributing CommonJS and ESM bundles at the moment. If you need a different format, leave an issue and let me know!

    A note on Promises

    The package clipboard-polyfill provides an asynchronous clipboard API using promises. As such, the author chose to bundle es6-promise polyfill with it so that it would be usable in older browsers. Since this package bundles clipboard-polyfill, you in turn also receive the polyfill.


    Clipboard is a standalone component that comes bundled with clipboard-polyfill. It wraps its methods in a way that is convenient to use within React. The component supports three methods for accessing the copy functions and I'll discuss each next, with examples:

    Render prop - direct access to copy functions

    Use a render prop to receive the copyText and copyData methods, as well as the clipboard itself.

    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
    const MyComponent = () => (
        render={({ clipboard, copyData, copyText }) => (
          <div onClick={() => copyText('test').then(() => anythingYouWant())} />
    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
      render={({ clipboard, copyData }) => (
          style={{ cursor: 'pointer' }}
          onClick={() => {
            clipboard.setData('text/plain', 'whoooooooa');
            clipboard.setData('text/html', '<i>whoooooooa</i>');
          To get started, edit <code>src/App.js</code> and save to reload.

    Component prop - direct access to copy functions

    Works just like the render prop, but you can provide a component which will be rendered with the copyText and copyData functions, the clipboard object, and with any other props that were added to Clipboard.

    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
    const Button = ({ copyText, copyData }) => (
      <button onClick={() => copyText('test').then(() => done())}>button</button>
    const MyComponent = () => (
      <Clipboard component={Button} />

    Compose over children - indirect access to copy functions

    You can also use Clipboard to automatically copy the text or data you specify when an area is clicked by composing it around your other components. If Clipboard is not given a render or component prop, it automatically adds an onClick handler and wraps its children in a div tag. Speficy the data or text to copy by passing it as props to Clipboard. You can add multiple type to the clipboard using the multidata prop.

    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
    const MyComponent = () => (
      <Clipboard text="test">
        <SomeOtherComponent />


    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
    const MyComponent = () => (
      <Clipboard data="<i>Copy HTML!</i>" dataType="text/html">
        <SomeOtherComponent />

    If you want to respond to the copy event, you can pass a callback as an onCopy prop, and it will be called after the text or data is copied.

    import Clipboard from 'react-clipboard-polyfill';
    const onCopy = () => alert('You got data!');
    const MyComponent = () => (
      <Clipboard data="<i>Copy HTML!</i>" dataType="text/html" onCopy={onCopy}>
        <SomeOtherComponent />

    Example of setting multiple items:

      multidata={[{ dataType: 'text/html', data: '<b>test</b>' }, { dataType: 'text/plain', data: 'test' }]}
      Copies both types

    Running the tests

    To run the tests locally, first make sure you've setup the local project with the following:

    git clone
    cd ./react-clipboard-polyfill
    npm i

    After the project is installed run npm run test from the root directory of the project. The project uses Jest and automatically produces a code coverage report!


    To produce a build, run npm run build and the project will be built to the dist directory. The rollup config produces a CommonJS and ESM module bundle along with source maps. These bundles include the clipboard-polyfill dependency, but do not include React or ReactDOM to avoid duplicate code with consumers.


    Please read CODE OF CONDUCT and then feel free to submit an issue or a pull request! I cannot promise I will accept your suggestions or changes, but I'm willing to consider it. My goal is to keep this hyper-focused on copying text / data in React in a way that is easy to use with modern patterns. Any changes to that end or that help reduce the size of the library are greatly appreciated.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


    Thanks to the following people / groups:

    • clipboard-polyfill for the awesome package
    • The React team for building a framework that is a joy to build with
    • Anyone checking this out and using the project!



    A reference to the inner clipboard object. You can call setData on it such as defined here.

    copyText(text: string) => Promise(<void>)

    Copy the text passed. Returns a promise that resolves on success and rejects on failure.

    copyData(dataType: string, data: string) => Promise(<void>)

    Copy the data as dataType. Returns a promise that resolve on success and rejects on failure.

    Render prop arguments

    When Clipboard is given a render prop, it will call that render prop with the an object containing the copyText and copyData functions, and the clipboard object.

    Component prop

    When Clipboard is given a component prop, it will render that component and pass the copyText and copyData functions, and the clipboard object as props under their respective name.

    Clipboard props with children

    When rendering children, you may specify the following props:

    text: string

    The text you wish to have copied on click. If text is specified it will be copied and any values for data and dataType are ignored.

    data: string

    The data you wish copied, as a string. For instance, you can supply HTML, or base64 of an image. To copy data, you must also specify a dataType.

    dataType: string

    The type that corresponds with the data you would like to copy.

    multidata: [{ data, dataType }]

    You may pass an array of objects if you want to set more than one type of data for copying. Each object must have a data and dataType property. Clipboard will call setData on each before then calling write. This is equivalent to this functionality.

    onCopy: function

    You may supply a function to be called after the copy succeeds. The function will be called with no arguments.


    npm i react-clipboard-polyfill

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