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I am a big fan of gulp and sadly I did not found any gulp webpack seed project, so I made one. This seed based on React Infinite Scroll component


clone this repo

npm i

Some Webpack livereload magic

Just run


to use Webpack dev server. You can play with source code and it will be livereloaded on change.

Usual build

gulp build-all

You can also build prod and dev separately.

gulp build-prod
gulp build-dev

Check dist folder for index.html after build.


  • fix issue
  • move from gulp-clean to gulp rimraf
  • fix web dev server configuration ( path: "/" not path: "./dist/dev/scripts", but need both)
  • support generation of amd dist assets

Some considerations

Firstly, my plan was to split distrs and source project. But this introduce a lot of problems and complexity, which require solvation before we can actually use npm to start reuse and manage packages. Screw that (at least for now). All I need to start use npm is version bump -> publish task for sourse project, and define path in main property of package.json

  "name": "myexposedmodulename",
  "main": "src/scripts/myexposedmodulename.jsx",

After that our package is can be required by webpack