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React Bootstrap Typeahead

React-based typeahead component that uses Bootstrap as a base for styles and behaviors and supports both single- and multi-selection. The UI and behaviors are inspired by Twitter's typeahead.js. Try the live examples.

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Please note that this library is under active development and the APIs may change. The documentation below applies to the most recent version and may no longer be applicable if you're using an outdated version.


The latest version adds a ton of new functionality including an async version, total flexibility in how the menu is rendered, and improved documentation and examples. I hope you'll find it makes many more things possible without being hard to use.

Note: v1.0.0 has a few breaking changes. Be sure to read through the upgrade guide to understand how you may be affected.


Use NPM to install the module:

$ npm install --save react-bootstrap-typeahead

Include the module in your project:

import {Typeahead} from 'react-bootstrap-typeahead'; // ES2015
var Typeahead = require('react-bootstrap-typeahead').Typeahead; // CommonJS

Minified and unminified UMD modules are also included in the NPM package, or you can get them from CDNJS.



The component tries to use as little CSS as possible, relying primarily on Bootstrap or any Bootstrap themes for styling. Some minimal CSS comes with the module and should be included wherever you're using the component.


Try the live examples, which also include code samples. If you'd like to modify the examples, clone the repository, npm install and npm run example to build the example file. You can then open the HTML file locally in your browser.

Browser Support

Recent versions of the following browsers are supported:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE (10/11)
  • Safari

Special thanks to BrowserStack for providing cross-browser testing support.



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