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    NPM version react-backstrap

    Note: this module is being split into smaller pieces

    This repository builds to a UMD module in dist/rbs.js (not included in source control, but is published to npm)


    npm install && npm run build


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    The react components are broken into the following hierarchy under rbs.components

    • Model - These views render a model. They rely on the Model mixin.
    • Collection - These views render a collection. They rely on the collection mixin. The mixin keeps this.state.collection in sync with this.props.collection.
    • Layout - These are your typical react views that don't interact with Backbone in any way. Most of these are Bootstrap related. E.g. the alert view represents a bootstrap alert. The icon view lets you insert a fontawesome icon.
    • Controls - These views are meant to contain behavioral type code. For example, a loading wrapper can disable or hide children whenever the passed in collections or models are loading.
    • Combo - These views use some combination of other views

    These mixins are contained in rbs.mixins

    • Model - Copies the backbone model to this.state.model and provides a function for converting an array of objects into children components
    • Collection - Copies the backbone collection to this.state.collection and provides a function for rendering a model component for each model in the collection
    • Events - Mixes Backbone.Events into the react component to allow listening to backbone models and collections for events


    npm i react-backstrap

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