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This is a low-level React wrapper around the Web Audio API.


import { 
} from 'react-audio'
// in a React render() 
  <Gain />
  <BiquadFilter />
  <DynamicsCompressor />
  <StereoPanner />
  <Delay />
  <WaveShaper />
    <SomeVisualizerComponent />
  <Destination />

The components set the AudioNode properties via props. See the Mozilla documentation for details.

The default props are set to the Web Audio API defaults, with the exception of WaveShaper, which provides the example curve shown in the Mozilla documentation.


The Analyser provides exposes the getFloatFrequencyData, getByteFrequencyData, getFloatTimeDomainData, and getByteTimeDomainData from the Web Audio API as props to its children.


  • Support dynamic AudioNode ordering - currently AudioNodes are pushed to the end of the AudioNode chain when added. This works as expected with a static AudioNode chain, but may give unexpected results when changed at runtime.
  • Support more of the Web Audio API. Right now only oscillators, filters, the analyser node, and a simple output are supported.
  • ConvolverNode is not currently supported.