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    A react based video & image annotating tool. See demo.

    NPM Version License: MIT

    Quick Start


    Use npm to install the tool into your react project.

    npm i react-annotation-tool --save


    Two tools are available now. They are Image Annotation Tool (aka TwoDimensionalImage) and Video Annotation Tool (aka TwoDimensionalVideo) respectively. Import either one into your react component.

    import {TwoDimensionalImage, TwoDimensionalVideo} from "react-annotation-tool"

    Image Annotation Tool

    This tool allows to annotate images with polygons. Users could create new taxonomy if they feel the annotation does not fit into any default options. It is adopted by a CVPR 2019 paper, VizWiz-Priv: A Dataset for Recognizing the Presence and Purpose of Private Visual Information in Images Taken by Blind People.

    Data Formats

    Name Description
    Annotation The basic unit of the annotation result
    Vertex Each annotation contains mutiple vertices


    Prop Description Format Default
    className String ''
    url Image url String ''
    imageWidth Image width Number 400
    defaultAnnotations Default annotations. Detail [Object] []
    options A set of options for classifying annotations. Detail Object {}
    isDynamicOptionsEnable Enable users to add/delete options Boolean false
    disabledOptionLevels The levels which can't be selected. Start from "1". Detail [String] []
    isLabelOn Show labels of annotaions on the image Boolean false
    isViewOnlyMode View only Boolean false
    emptyAnnotationReminderText Text for warming empty annotaion on the control panel String ''
    hasPreviousButton Enable Previous button Boolean false
    onPreviousClick Called when Previous button is clicked Function ()=>{}
    hasNextButton Enable Next button Boolean false
    onNextClick Called when Next button is clicked Function ()=>{}
    hasSkipButton Enable Skip button Boolean false
    onSkipClick Called when Skip button is clicked Function ()=>{}


      { id: "jlvnw6az", name: "jlvnw6az", color: "rgba(227,0,255,1)", isClosed: true,
        vertices: [ 
          { id: "jlvnw6az", name: "jlvnw6az", x: 189.5625, y: 201 },
          { id: "jlvnw8qs", name: "jlvnw8qs", x: 309.25, y: 200 },
          { id: "jlvnw9vp", name: "jlvnw9vp", x: 313.25, y: 203 },
          { id: "jlvnwbvk", name: "jlvnwbvk", x: 316.25, y: 288 },
          { id: "jlvnwczb", name: "jlvnwczb", x: 310.25, y: 292 },
          { id: "jlvnwfhm", name: "jlvnwfhm", x: 187.25, y: 294 },
          { id: "jlvnwgoe", name: "jlvnwgoe", x: 181.25, y: 290 },
          { id: "jlvnwidd", name: "jlvnwidd", x: 183.25, y: 205 },
        selectedOptions: [ 
          { id: "0", value: "root" }, 
          { id: "1", value: "Electronic" }, 
          { id: "1-1", value: "Laptop" }, 
          { id: "1-1-1", value: "Apple" } 
      { id: "jlvnxa79", name: "jlvnxa79", color: "rgba(0,255,81,1)", isClosed: true,
        vertices: [ 
          { id: "jlvnxa79", name: "jlvnxa79", x: 369.25, y: 350.5 },
          { id: "jlvnxbct", name: "jlvnxbct", x: 372.25, y: 343.5 },
          { id: "jlvnxcg6", name: "jlvnxcg6", x: 387.25, y: 341 },
          { id: "jlvnxdic", name: "jlvnxdic", x: 393.25, y: 343 },
          { id: "jlvnxfp2", name: "jlvnxfp2", x: 424.25, y: 342 },
          { id: "jlvnxgfx", name: "jlvnxgfx", x: 426.25, y: 347 },
          { id: "jlvnxjd8", name: "jlvnxjd8", x: 381.25, y: 350 },
        selectedOptions: [ 
          { id: "0", value: "root" }, 
          { id: "2", value: "Stationery" }, 
          { id: "2-1", value: "Pen" } 


    Nested array of object. Each object has id, value and children properties. Must start from object with value: "root". e.g.,

    {id: "0", value: "root", children: [
       {id: "1", value: "Electronic", children: [
          {id: "1-1", value: "Laptop", children: [
             {id: "1-1-1", value: "Apple", children: []},         
             {id: "1-1-2", value: "Asus", children: []}  
          {id: "1-2", value: "Charger", children: []},
          {id: "1-3", value: "Watch", children: []}
       {id: "2", value: "Stationery", children: [
          {id: "2-1", value: "Pen", children: []},
          {id: "2-2", value: "Eraser", children: []}


    Array of Integer. Start from "1". e.g.,

    [1, 2]


    • Refactorize all components.

    Video Annotation Tool

    Vidoe tool allows you to annotate object in videos via bounding box. The tool originally is designed for annotating cell videos.

    Data Formats

    Name Description
    Annotation The basic unit of the annotation result
    Incident Each annotation contains mutiple incidents. Each incident records the time and some information (e.g., position, size, status...) when the annotation is manipulate by the users (e.g., split, move, resize...)
    Parent(parentName) If you enable Split functionality, this property stores the parent who generates current annotation
    Children(childrenNames) If you enable Split functionality, this property store the children belong to current annotation


    Prop Description Data Type Default
    className String ''
    url Video url String ''
    defaultAnnotations Default annotations. Detail [Objects] []
    videoWidth Video width Number 400
    isDefaultAnnotationsManipulatable Allow users to edit default annotations Boolean false
    previewHeader Header for preview String ''
    previewNoticeList Content for preview [String] []
    isEmptyCheckEnable Force users to annotate at least one object Boolean false
    isSplitEnable Enable Split button for each annotation Boolean false
    isShowHideEnable Enable Show/Hide button for each annotation Boolean false
    hasReview Enable review after users click submit button Boolean false
    numAnnotationsToBeAdded Number of annotations users can be added Number 1000
    onSubmit The callback function to handle submitted result Function ()=>{}
    emptyCheckSubmissionWarningText Text for warming empty annotaion String ''
    emptyCheckAnnotationItemWarningText Text for warming non-incident anntation String ''
    emptyAnnotationReminderText Text for warming empty annotaion on the control panel String ''


      id: "jwzlwirv",
      name: "jwzlwirv",
      label: "1",
      color: "rgba(255,219,0,1)",
      parentName: "",
      childrenNames: ["jwzlwrh3","jwzlwrh4"],
       {x:198.25, y:137, width:101, height:99, time:0, status:"Show", id:"jwzlwirv", name:"jwzlwirv", label:""},   
       {x:235.25, y:190, width:73, height:68, time:0.07694, status:"Show", id:"jwzlwlzl", name:"jwzlwlzl", label:""},
       {x:235.25, y:190, width:73, height:68, time:0.11864, status:"Split", id:"jwzlwrh2", name:"jwzlwrh2", label:""}
       id: "jwzlwrh3",
       name: "jwzlwrh3",
       label: "1-1",
       color: "rgba(0,255,81,1)",
       parentName: "jwzlwirv",
       childrenNames: [],
       incidents: [
        {x:235.25, y:190, width:36.5, height:34, time:0.11864, status:"Show", id:"jwzlwrh2", name:"jwzlwrh2", label:""}, 
        {x:202.25, y:267, width:64.5, height:83, time:0.17467, status:"Show", id:"jwzlwy9h", name:"jwzlwy9h", label:""}
       id: "jwzlwrh4",
       name: "jwzlwrh4",
       label: "1-2",
       color: "rgba(0,255,81,1)",
       parentName: "jwzlwirv",
       childrenNames: [],
       incidents: [
        {x:251.75, y:204, width:36.5, height:34, time:0.11864, status:"Show", id:"jwzlwrh2", name:"jwzlwrh2", label:""}, 
        {x:298.75, y:242, width:51.5, height:54, time:0.17467, status:"Show", id:"jwzlwwpj", name:"jwzlwwpj", label:""}


    • Makes Split and Hide optional.
    • Enable other shapes (e.g., circle) to annotate.

    Want to talk with me?

    I am seeking for any sort of entrepreneurship and crowsourcing research opportunity. Please contact me.

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