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    React Animate On Scroll

    React component to animate elements on scroll with animate.css. Inspired by React-Scroll-Effect



    npm install react-animate-on-scroll --save

    If you want to use the animations from animate.css, be sure to include animate.css in someway in your project This can be done in a number of ways, eg:

    npm install --save animate.css

    and then importing in your project:

    import "../node_modules/animate.css/animate.min.css";

    Or by simply including a link to the file hosted by CDNJS:

      <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

    Most Simple Use:

    import ScrollAnimation from 'react-animate-on-scroll';
    <ScrollAnimation animateIn="fadeIn">
      Some Text


    offset - default 100

    The "viewport" is by default 100 pixels from the top and bottom of the screen. When an element is completely contained within the "viewport", animateIn is triggered. When the element is leaving the "viewport", animateOut is triggered. This can be overridden by setting the offset property.

    If the element is bigger than the viewport animateIn is triggered when the position of the top of the element is is less than the position of the middle of the screen plus the offset, and the position of the bottom of the element is greater than the middle of the screen minus the offset. AnimateOut happens when the element moves out of these constraints.


    Any animation from animate.css. The Animation triggers when the element is contained within the "viewport" (see offset property for more details on this).


    Any animation from animate.css. The Animation triggers when the element is leaving the "viewport" (see offset property for more details on this).

    duration - default 1

    Animation duration in seconds.

    initiallyVisible - default false

    Whether the element should be visible to begin with or not. If animateIn is an entrance animation, then should probably be false.

    delay - default 0

    How long to delay the animation for (in milliseconds) once it enters or leaves the view.


    In the project root:

    Install Depencenies:

    npm install

    Run Tests:

    There are some automated test cases with karma and a Chrome headless browser. I attempted to use Jest, and then to use PhantomJS, but could get neither to work with scroll events. To run them:

    npm test

    Build the component:

    gulp build

    Run the Demo project:

    cd demo
    npm install
    npm install ..
    npm start


    npm i react-animate-on-scroll-server

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