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    React Slider with support for multi ranges. Each range has its own id and so can be easily addressed and identified.


    yarn add react-addressable-sliders

    Usage example

    import React from 'react';
    import { MultiRangeSlider } from 'react-addressable-sliders';
    const MySlider = () => {
        const myCallback = (range, newValue, thumb) => console.log(range, newValue, thumb);
        return (
                    'range-id-1': {
                        id: 'range-id-1',
                        max: 10,
                        min: 1,
                        name: 'range-name',
                        parent_id: 'id-of-slider',
                        ref_id: 'id-of-object-represented-by-this-range',
                        trackColor: '#DD2C00'
                    'range-id-2': {
                        id: 'range-id-2',
                        max: 100,
                        min: 50,
                        name: 'other-range-name',
                        parent_id: 'id-of-slider',
                        ref_id: 'id-of-other-object-represented-by-this-range',
                        immovable: {
                            left: true,


    Name Required Type Description
    ranges True Object Define the ranges shown in the slider. Each object must have at least the fields max min id.
    The trackColor can be used to specify the color of the range's track.
    The ref_id can be used to reference the id of an object you want to reference.
    The parent_id can be used in case you need to use multiple sliders and you want them to interact with each other.
    immovable is an Object that has fields left and right. When they are True the respective range extreme cannot be moved.
    extremes False Object Force the extremes of the range to be the ones you specify. This Object has two fields: max and min, they control their respective extreme.
    emitChanges False Function (range, newValue, thumb) => Void This callback fires onMouseUp. It lets you update the correct range object: its arguments are: range which has the old range data, newValue, which is the new value of the range after the change and thumb, which can be a string (max or min) and tells you which extreme was changed.
    checkContinuousChanges False Function (range, newValue, thumb) => Void This callback works the same as emitChanges but it fires for every change, also during the sliding of the values. It is handy for checks that cannot be done only onMouseUp.
    emptySpaceCallback False Function (clickInfo) => Void This callback fires when clicking the slider where no range is present.
    The argument clickInfo has relativePercentage, which gives you a number between 0 and 100 that tells you which part of the slider you clicked, relativeValue, which tells you the value of the slider at that particular point and closestRanges which is an Object with fields min and max which tells you where are the closest ranges' extremes on the left and on the right of the clicked point.
    labelFormatFun False Function (value) => formatted_value With this function you can change the format of the slider values.
    For example if you want dates you can use timestamps as the slider value and then set this to value => moment.utc(value, 'X').format(dateFormatWithTimeShorter).
    options False Object Lets you configure aspects of the slider with specific keys (see below).

    options fields

    • getTrackColor is a function (range) => hex str which lets you assign colors to the ranges' track for each range.
    • isImmovable is a function (range) => Boolean which gives you more control on which ranges are immovable. The ranges that return True are rendered immovable.
    • rangePadding is a Number that controls by how much at least the ranges have to be separated. Default is 0.
    • sliderValueStyles is an Object that lets you customize the style of the slider values under both extremes.
    • sliderNameStyles is an Object that lets you customize the style of the ranges' name.
    • sliderNamePopupStyles is an Object that lets you customize the style of the ranges' name when they popup onMouseHover.
    • sliderThumbStyles is an Object that lets you customize the style of the ranges' thumbs.


    npm i react-addressable-sliders

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