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React.js Tag Component

By Vikram

Demo Page

Sample Code

// Simple default model
var tags1 = new TagCollection();

// Render Tag Component
// props: css = css class for each tag, collection = set to the model
React.render(<Tags css={'tag'} deleteCss={'deleteTag'} collection={tags1} />, document.getElementById('tagContainer1'));

// Render the tag input component, this is the one that accepts user input
// props: css : input[type=text] css class, collection : model, breaks: array of chars to use for splitting, 
// handleBlur & handleEnter handles blur event and enter key pressed event
var input1 =  React.render(<TagInput css={'tagInput1'} collection={tags1} breaks={[' ', ',', ';', '.']} 
  handleBlur={true} handleEnter={true} />,document.getElementById('tagInput1') );

// Example to set focus to input
document.getElementById('make_focus').onclick = function(){