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an RDF library for node.js. Suitable for client and server side.


Javascript RDF library for browsers and Node.js.

  • Reads and writes RDF/XML, Turtle and N3.
  • Read/Write Linked Data client, using WebDav or SPARQL/Update
  • Parses RDFa
  • Local API for querying a store
  • SPARQL queries (not full SPARQL)
  • Smushing of nodes from owl:sameAs, and owl:{f,inverseF}unctionProperty
  • Tracks provence of triples keeps metadata (in RDF) from HTTP accesses

See Tutorial for using rdflib.js for more information.

Possible out of date information is available from here:

npm install

Generate the dist directory

make all

Make sure you have Node.js and Node Package Manager (npm) installed.

npm install --save rdflib
  • dist, Run 'make' in this directory to generate dist in which libraries are built
  • test, Tests are here.
- jQuery, XMLHTTPRequest (Node.js version)

Thanks to the many contributors who have been involved along the way. LinkedData team & TimBL