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    An implementation of the RDF Dataset Normalization Algorithm in JavaScript.




    Node.js + npm

    npm install rdf-canonize
    const canonize = require('rdf-canonize');

    Node.js + npm + native bindings

    This package has support for rdf-canonize-native. This package can be useful if your application requires doing many canonizing operations asyncronously in parallel or in the background. It is highly recommended that you understand your requirements and benchmark using JavaScript vs native bindings. The native bindings add overhead and the JavaScript implementation may be faster with modern runtimes.

    The native bindings are not installed by default and must be explicitly installed.

    npm install rdf-canonize
    npm install rdf-canonize-native

    Note that the native code is not automatically used. To use the native bindings you must have them installed and set the useNative option to true.

    const canonize = require('rdf-canonize');

    Browser + npm

    Install in your project with npm and use your favorite browser bundler tool.


    const dataset = {
      // ...
    // canonize a data set with a particular algorithm with async/await
    const canonical = await canonize.canonize(dataset, {algorithm: 'URDNA2015'});
    // canonize a data set with a particular algorithm and force use of the
    // native implementation
    const canonical = await canonize.canonize(dataset, {
      algorithm: 'URDNA2015',
      useNative: true

    Related Modules


    This library includes a sample testing utility which may be used to verify that changes to the processor maintain the correct output.

    The test suite is included in an external repository:


    This should be a sibling directory of the rdf-canonize directory or in a test-suites dir. To clone shallow copies into the test-suites dir you can use the following:

    npm run fetch-test-suite

    Node.js tests can be run with a simple command:

    npm test

    If you installed the test suites elsewhere, or wish to run other tests, use the TEST_DIR environment var:

    TEST_DIR="/tmp/tests" npm test

    To generate earl reports:

    # generate the earl report for node.js
    EARL=earl-node.jsonld npm test

    Browser testing with karma is done indirectly through jsonld.js.


    See docs in the benchmark README.


    The source code for this library is available at:


    Commercial Support

    Commercial support for this library is available upon request from Digital Bazaar: support@digitalbazaar.com


    npm i rdf-canonize

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