Cross compatible SQL query builder for node


(yet another) SQL syntax helper for node.js

This package isn't available via npm, the basics arent't all there yet. The idea is to get sqlite3 and mysql up and running for the following statements: create table, select, insert, update, delete.

sqlite3 works for all except delete; MySQL support has not been tested yet.

Applications using a RDBMS of some kind quickly get messy when building SQL "from scratch".

function filter(params) {
  var select = "SELECT * FROM t",
      where = [],
      bindings = [];
  for (var key in params) {
    where.push(key + " = ?");
  if (where.length > 0) {
    select += " WHERE " + where.join(" AND ");
  return {"q": select, "params": bindings};

That's a fairly complicated piece of code, to do very little: no validation, supports AND-only filtering, parameter binding syntax is hardwired... Maintaining a DAL this way is not nice at all.

With node-rdbql, the previous example might be written like this:

var sql = require("rdbql").dialect('sqlite3');

function filter(params) { var select = sql.select().from("t"); for (var key in params) { select.where($(key + ' = ?', params[key])); } return {"q": select.toString(), "params": select.params()}; }

... can be found here