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rc-collapse ui component for react

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var Collapse = require('rc-collapse');
var Panel = Collapse.Panel;
var React = require('react');
var ReactDOM = require('react-dom');

var App = (
  <Collapse accordion={true}>
    <Panel header="hello" headerClass="my-header-class">
      this is panel content
    <Panel header="title2">this is panel content2 or other</Panel>
ReactDOM.render(App, container);


  • support ie8,ie8+,chrome,firefox,safari


Collapse props

name type default description
activeKey String|Array The first panel key current active Panel key
className String or object custom className to apply
defaultActiveKey String|Array null default active key
destroyInactivePanel Boolean false If destroy the panel which not active, default false.
accordion Boolean false accordion mode, default is null, is collapse mode
onChange Function(key) noop called when collapse Panel is changed
expandIcon (props: PanelProps) => ReactNode specific the custom expand icon.
collapsible 'header' | 'icon' | 'disabled' - specify whether the panel of children is collapsible or the area of collapsible.
items interface.ts#ItemType - collapse items content

If accordion is null or false, every panel can open. Opening another panel will not close any of the other panels. activeKey should be an string, if passing an array (the first item in the array will be used).

If accordion is true, only one panel can be open. Opening another panel will cause the previously opened panel to close. activeKey should be an string, if passing an array (the first item in the array will be used).

Collapse.Panel props

deprecated use items instead, will be removed in v4.0.0

name type default description
header String or node header content of Panel
headerClass String ' ' custom className to apply to header
showArrow boolean true show arrow beside header
className String or object custom className to apply
style object custom style
openMotion object set the animation of open behavior, [more](https://github.com/react-component/motion). Different with v2, closed pane use a `rc-collapse-content-hidden` class to set `display: none` for hidden.
forceRender boolean false forced render of content in panel, not lazy render after clicking on header
extra String | ReactNode Content to render in the right of the panel header
collapsible 'header' | 'icon' | 'disabled' - specify whether the panel be collapsible or the area of collapsible.

disabled is removed since 3.0.0, please use collapsible=disabled replace it.


If key is not provided, the panel's index will be used instead.

KeyBoard Event

By default, Collapse will listen onKeyDown(<3.7.0 onKeyPress) event with enter key to toggle panel's active state when collapsible is not disabled. If you want to disable this behavior, you can prevent the event from bubbling like this:

const App = () => {
  const items: CollapseProps['items'] = [
      label: <input onKeyDown={(e) => e.stopPropagation()} />,
      children: 'content',
      label: (
        <div onKeyDown={(e) => e.stopPropagation()}>
          <CustomComponent />
      children: 'content',
      label: 'title 2',
      children: 'content 2',
      collapsible: 'disabled',
      label: 'title 3',
      children: 'content 3',
      onItemClick: console.log,

  return <Collapse items={items} />;


npm install
npm start

Test Case

npm test


npm test -- --coverage


rc-collapse is released under the MIT license.

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