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RBush-3D is 3D version of RBush.

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  • real 3D test
  • Demos
  • Benchmarks


The following sample performance test was done by generating random uniformly distributed rectangles of ~0.01% area and setting maxEntries to 16 (see debug/perf.js script). Performed with Node.js v8.9.1 on a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017).

Test RBush-3D RBush (2D version)
insert 1M items one by one 4.30s 2.94s
1000 searches of 0.01% area 0.02s 0.03s
1000 searches of 1% area 0.09s 0.31s
1000 searches of 10% area 0.73s 1.80s
remove 1000 items one by one 0.02s 0.02s
bulk-insert 1M items 1.40s 1.17s