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Red-Black Tree

Wikipedia entry for Red-Black Trees


tree = new RBTree(cmp)

cmp is a funtion is a function to compare your keys to determine ordering. The function will take two of your key type (whatever that will be) and return -1, 0, xor 1. For cmp(a,b), it returns -1 if a < b, 0 if a == b and 1 if a > b.


Number of entries in tree.

tree.put(key, value)

Insert key:value pair. It will over-write a pre-existed entry for key.

value = tree.get(key)

Warning: value is undefined if the key was not found. However, you could have inserted undefined as the value of a key:value pair. Try not to do that as it lessens the effectivity of this method.

removed = tree.delete(key)

Returns a boolean; true if deleted, false otherwise.

RBTree Criteria

  1. All nodes are either RED or BLACK
  2. The root node is BLACK
  3. All leaves (nulls) are considered BLACK
  4. Both children of RED nodes must be BLACK
  5. Every path from a node to the leaves (inclusive) have the same number of BLACK nodes.

Running Tests and Test-coverage

To run tests: npm test

To run test coverage:

npm run-script test-cov
open jscov.html