node package manager


Package generator (structure, changelogs, tests, package.json, etc)


ngen is a tool that will generate a new nodejs project for you. It includes best practices around the structure of your README and package.json

ngen [name] [description] [flags]

See for more documentation

You can use ngen in three modes.

Run ngen and then fill in the two fields for name & description. Run ngen {{name}} and then fill in the field for description Run ngen {{name}} {{description}} and fill in no fields.

ngen will generate a folder that is called {{name}} in your CWD.

Currently the only available template, creating the following structure populated with content after the following questions are asked from the cli:

 Project Name: ngen
 Project description: A cool scaffolder



ngen can also be called directly

var Template = require('ngen')
var t = Template('name-of-template', {
  templates: 'folder location of templates'
t.init('target location to write on disk', function (err) {
  // scaffolded the template to the location 
  // calling init() will prompt on STDIN.