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    Common code for the Raygun APM and Crash Reporting Node.js providers

    Provides module patches for third party database adaptors and the http/s standard libraries to enable capturing requests/queries and propagating async contexts for storage/tracking.


    const common = require('raygun-node-common');

    common.effects : TypedEventEmitter

    Returns a TypedEventEmitter that will emit query and request events.

    Each of these events passes another TypedEventEmitter, which can be used to listen for complete or error events on the effect.

    A query complete event will pass a QueryInformation object.

    type QueryInformation = {
      startTime: PortableBigInt;
      duration: PortableBigInt;
      provider: string;
      host: string;
      database: string;
      query: string;
      triggerAsyncId: number;

    A request complete event will pass a RequestInformation object.

    type RequestInformation = {
      direction: RequestDirection;
      url: string;
      method: string;
      status: number;
      startTime: PortableBigInt;
      duration: PortableBigInt;
      triggerAsyncId: number;

    An Error object is passed with each error event.


    This package provides tools to patch standard library modules and third party packages. In addition, this module contains a set of patches for common third party database adaptors, and a patch to capture outgoing requests made via Node's http libraries.

    common.modulePatches.loadAll: () => void;

    Loads all the built-in module patches. Currently, this loads patches for:

    • Node http/https libraries (outgoing request capturing)
    • elasticsearch
    • memcached
    • mongodb
    • mssql
    • mysql
    • mysql2
    • pg
    • redis
    • ioredis

    common.modulePatches.patchModules: (modules: string[], patch: (exports: any) => any) => void

    Adds a new module patch. The modules argument is a list of module/filenames to be patched, and the patch argument is a function that's called on the exports of that module. The return value of this function replaces the exports for that module.

    common.patchModules('http', (exports) => {
      exports.get = () => console.log("patched out http.get");

    These patches are applied when the module is first loaded, since Node caches the result of module loading and reuses it for future requires. patchModules will attempt to check if the module has already been loaded when the patch is created and error if so.

    common.modulePatches.patchAll: (patch: (exports: any) => any) => void

    Similar to patchModules, but the patch will be applied to all modules loaded after that point.

    common.modulePatches.safeResolve: (packagePath: string) => string | null

    A simple helper function that wraps around require.resolve, but will return null instead of throwing an exception if the path cannot be resolved.


    Provides an implementation of BigInt that defaults to using native BigInts, but falls back to JSBI if BigInt is not available. See the JSBI documentation for more info, as this conforms to the JSBI interface.




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