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Raven-Cli Beta

The Raven Framework command line utility makes it easy to get started building GBA ROMs.

Use the raven --help command for a description of all raven cli commands.

Note that this project is still under construction.

Supported platforms

The current build of raven cli has only been tested and confirmed working on MacOSX. Linux and Windows support is planned:

Linux: https://github.com/ravenframework/raven-cli/issues/25

Windows: https://github.com/ravenframework/raven-cli/issues/26


$ npm install -g raven-cli

Starting a raven project

$ raven start

This command will generate your project folder with the necessary files to get started. The resulting project folder structure will look as follows:

|-- raven.json
`-- src
   `-- sample.c

The raven.json file will contain your project's configuration, while the sample.c file will contain the primary entry-point to your game.

Developing your game

Start by modifying the generated source file. The libgba library (https://github.com/devkitPro/libgba) is automatically linked to your project. Option to link other libraries is planned for the future.

Building your project

$ raven build

Running the build command will generate the build folder. In this folder, you will find your build rom (build/<project_name>_mb.gba). You can ignore the other files in that folder, as they are just required and generated files used to build the final .gba ROM.

Note that raven expects the .c file with the main entry-point to the game to be named the same as the project (the same as the name field in raven.json).

Cleaning your project

$ raven clean

Run this command to clean your project folder of non-essential files. This command will delete your build folder.

Source control

We suggest that you ignore the build folder when submitting your changes to a source control service.

Contributing to Raven-Cli

TODO: Document the contribution process


TODO: Add license agreements (probably GPL)

Libraries and tools in /tools/ARM come from the devkitPro project (http://devkitpro.org/).

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