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Temporarily capture all mouse events, preventing them from reaching underlying elements.


Browserify is recommended.

$ npm install rattrap

rattrap expects the document object to be globally accessible.


See example/index.htm.

var rt = require('rattrap');
vat stopCapture = rt.startCapture({
    mousemove: function(evt) {
        console.log("captured mouse movement", evt);
    mouseup: function() {


rattrap.startCapture([document], handlers)

Starts catpuring all mouse events and dispatches them to handlers, an object mapping DOM event names such as mousemove and mouseup to event handlers. The special key cursor can also be used to display any CSS-supported cursor whilst capture is active. If omitted, document defaults to window.document. Returns a function that can be called to cancel the capture operation.

Browser Support

Tested on Chrome 28 and Firefox 22.