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ratio - ℚ in JS build status

Sometimes you want to handle a ratio as its own entity. Yeah, you could downcast to decimal (though on floating point that's really a crime), or encode it as a string, but neither of those really cuts it.

So why not npm install ratio?

var ratio = require('ratio')
  , half = ratio(4,8)
half === 0.5 // true 
half.toString() === '1/2' // true 
ratio(0.02).toSring() === '1/50'


  • flexible instantiation:
    • from numerator and denominator
    • from string
    • from decimal number
  • nice rendering
    • valueOf() returns numeric form
    • toString() renders fractional form
  • automatically reduces fractions on creation
  • fraction arithmetic
    • addition with
    • subtraction with r.minus(x)
    • multiplication with r.times(x)
    • division with r.div(x)
    • reciprocal with r.reciprocal()
    • negative with r.neg()

still to come

  • render unicode fractions?