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Give rasta a folder of markdown files with yaml headers and you'll get back markdown with some metadata, thanks to meta-marked.

Add the module to your site

npm install rasta

Use files like markdown + yaml:

Just include a simple section of yaml at the header of each bio, fenced in with three dashes above and three dots below.

Whatever associated content you'd like associated with that metadata goes below that.

Like so:

name: Andrew Ryan
title: Chief Bio Officer
slug: andy
image: /images/andy.png
Here's my cool content!

Then you can do some stuff like this:

var Rasta = require('rasta');
var rasta = new Rasta(__dirname + '/team');
var allTheThings = rasta.all();
var justOneOfTheThings = rasta.getBySlug('some-url-slug');

Maybe you'd like an example?

Then check out the example!

That's it!

And that's it! Now you're cooking with rasta!

(I don't think that's a thing though.)