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download the module

npm i rarbg-api-ts

include it in your project

// node way
const { rarbg } = require('rarbg-api-ts')
// es6 way
import { rarbg } from 'rargn-api-ts'

want to extend the api with your own functions? no problem, just import the "Rargb" class.

// node way
const { rarbg, Rargb } = require('tvmaze-api-ts')
// es6 way
import { rarbg, Rargb } from 'tvmaze-api-ts'
class Myrarbg extends Rargb {
  // code
const myrarbg = new Myrarbg()

made with ♥️ and typescript

I added complete type support for all json api returns.


Get a list of torrents.

// (...params: Iparam[]): Promise
rarbg.list().then(result => {
  // code


Search for a torrent.

// (searchString: string, ...params: Iparam[]): Promise
rarbg.search('silicon valley').then(result => {
  // code

Search Imdb

Search for a torrent using a Imdb Id

// (imdbId: string, ...params: Iparam[]): Promise
rarbg.searchImdb('tt2575988').then(result => {
  // code

Search Tvdb

Search for a torrent using a Tvdb Id.

// (imdbId: string, ...params: Iparam[]): Promise
rarbg.searchTvdb('277165').then(result => {
  // code


Extend your search querys.

possible parameters are:

  • category

    will restrict results to a certain category

    Default is ALL

  • format

    this defines what kind of results you get back

    Default is SHORT

  • limit

    this will limit or extend the ammount of results

    Default is MEDIUM

  • min_leechers

    this will restrict results to torrents that have a certain ammount of leechers

    Default is "0"

  • min_seeders

    this will restrict results to torrents that have a certain ammount of seeders

    Default is "0"

  • ranked

    this will decide if you only want to display scene torrents or not

    Default is ONLY

  • sort

    sort parameter will sort the results by seeders,leechers,last.

    Default is LAST

Parameter Enums

For simplicity I created enums for every parameter value.


Default Parameters

You can set default parameters that apply to every request.

  rarbg.default.category = rarbg.enums.CATEGORY.TV

Request Parameters

You can also set parameters for each Api request you do, by simply adding a json object with your wanted parameters to any Api function call like so (this will overwrite parameters set with rarbg.default):

rarbg.list({ category: rarbg.enums.CATEGORY.TV })
  .then(result => {
    // code
rarbg.search('silicon valley', { category: rarbg.enums.CATEGORY.TV })
  .then(result => {
    // code
rarbg.list({ format: rarbg.enums.FORMAT.EXTENDED })
  .then((torrents: ItorrentExtended[]) => {
    // code


The rargb api is limited to 1 request per 2 seconds per ip. Dont worry tho, rarbg-api-ts will automaticly keep you within this limit.

It will also automaticly request api tokens for you and replace them once they expire.


npm i rarbg-api-ts

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