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raml2html werk theme

A bulma and open-color based single-page theme that is easily searchable and offline-ready.

Example API Example Request
front request

General use

npm install raml2html-werk-theme
raml2html --theme raml2html-werk-theme --output output/docs.html --input docs.raml

Note: For some reason installing raml2html-werk-theme globally does not work. See this issue for progress on the situation. You can install both raml2html and raml2html-werk-theme as a local dependency and use node_modules/.bin/raml2html --theme raml2html-werk-theme to work around this problem for the time being.

Note: Use of the --output flag is required, because the theme bundles assets along with the HTML.

This theme is intended for general use and we would love to see others use it. That being said there are some caveats when using this theme that you should be aware of.

REQUIRED raml2html version

This theme requires raml2html v7.1.0+.

Additional Command-Line Options

The following cli options can be used when calling raml2html in order to change the behaviour of the theme:

--no-bundle-assets: Prevents the theme from copying the assets next to the html output.

--asset-base-path /foo: Sets the base path to something different than the default ./assets (in the case of the example to /foo). Useful when used with no-bundle-assets to store assets in a different location.


There currently is no general purpose rendering implementation for annotations. We’ve implemented what we needed but don’t feel that this scratches the surface of what people may want to use annotations for. If you use annotations and want to see better support in this theme please open up an issue and discuss your use case with us.


There are still some things, that we’d like to implement (ordered by priority):

  • Scroll-Spy support

    The menu on the left hand side is just static. Instead it should indicate the current menu-item, show sub-menus when scrolling the page and (in case of rather large api documentations) scroll with the content on the page.

  • Better non-desktop media support

    Though we believe that most of the users that use API documentation will view them on HD displays, proper rendering on tablets and smartphones is desirable.

  • Document search

    With all the meta-data from raml it should be possible to implement a more sophisticated search than the one the browser supports.

  • Bookmarks

    With the help of WebStorage it should be possible to implement persistent bookmarks in order to easily navigate between often used resource/type definitions.


This theme is originally based on the existing sources of the raml2html-default-theme published by @kevinrenskers. Learning how raml works and how things relate to each other would have been substantially harder hadn’t there been an already working theme implementation.


raml2html-werk-theme is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


npm i raml2html-werk-theme

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