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RAML JS WebService Generator

RAML webservice generator .. is still in development!!

See Sample Project generated

See Video DEMO

RAML JS WebService Generator DEMO

Input RAML Example

   #see test/fixtures/movies/api.raml
   #%RAML 0.8
   title: World Movie API
   version: v1
     - paged:
             description: The number of pages to return
             type: number
    - actor: !include ../../../test/fixtures/movies/actor.schema
    - genre: !include ../../../test/fixtures/movies/genre.schema
    - movie: !include ../../../test/fixtures/movies/movie.schema
    - news: !include ../../../test/fixtures/movies/news.schema
    - autor: !include ../../../test/fixtures/movies/autor.schema
               schema: "Movie[]"

Output Schema


Example Output Project


UI Screenshots

step1 step2 step3 step4