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RAML Generator

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Generate files from a RAML document and templates.


npm install raml-generator --save


The module accepts a map of functions (usually compiled templates, such as Handlebars), and returns a function that will generate files given an instance of the RAML 1 parser JSON.

For an example module, take a look at the raml-javascript-generator.

Why use this? It's just a simple, high level API for creating generators with a standard API.

JavaScript Usage

Create the generator function from config. The returned object accepts two arguments, the RAML object and user config.

var fs = require('fs')
var Handlebars = require('handlebars')
var generator = require('raml-generator')
module.exports = generator({
  templates: {
    'index.js': Handlebars.compile(fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/templates/index.js.hbs', 'utf8'))
}) //=> [Function] 

Bin Script

A bin script is provided for you to use with your custom generator. Just require raml-generator/bin and pass in the generator function (from above), package information (package.json) and process.argv.

#!/usr/bin/env node
var bin = require('raml-generator/bin')
var generator = /* The generator function */
bin(generator, require('./package.json'), process.argv)

Generated CLI:

generator --out [directory]
  --data, -d     Path to JSON configuration file
  --include, -i  Include additional RAML files (E.g. extensions)


Apache License 2.0