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Go beyond toUpper with these additional text transform functions based on Ramda.

Requires ramda as a peer dependency.


npm install --save ramda ramdacase


import * as RC from "ramdacase";

const s = "The quick, brown, fox...";

// Convert to other case styles.
// (splits on whitespace, dashes, underscores, periods, & commas)
RC.toCamel(s); // "theQuickBrownFox"
RC.toPascal(s); // "TheQuickBrownFox"
RC.toKebab(s); // "The-quick-brown-fox"
RC.toKebabUpper(s); // "THE-QUICK-BROWN-FOX"
RC.toSnake(s); // "The_quick_brown_fox"
RC.toSnakeUpper(s); // "THE_QUICK_BROWN_FOX"
RC.toDot(s); // "The.quick.brown.fox"
RC.toSlash(s); // "The/quick/brown/fox"

// Use custom delimiter...
const toBreadcrumbCase = RC.toCase(" > ");
toBreadcrumbCase(s); // "The > quick > brown > fox"

RC.capitalize("the quick, brown..."); // "The quick, brown..."
RC.uncapitalize("The quick, brown..."); // "the quick, brown..."

// Only split words without rejoining them
RC.toWords(s); // ["The", "quick", "brown", "fox"]

// Split based on any delimiters...
RC.splitByAll(["&", "="])("id=1&name=mims"); // ["id", "1", "name", "mims"]
RC.splitByAll([" ", ",", "[", "]"])("[[1, 4, 7], [2, 5, 8], [3, 6, 9]]");
// ["1", "4", "7", "2", "5", "8", "3", "6", "9"]

Below this line is boilerplate from TSDX


Library bootstrapped with TSDX

For more info, see tsdx.io


TSDX scaffolds your new library inside /src.

To run TSDX, use:

npm start # or yarn start

This builds to /dist and runs the project in watch mode so any edits you save inside src causes a rebuild to /dist.

To do a one-off build, use npm run build or yarn build.

To run tests, use npm test or yarn test.


Code quality is set up for you with prettier, husky, and lint-staged. Adjust the respective fields in package.json accordingly.


Jest tests are set up to run with npm test or yarn test.

You can also use yarn test --watch or yarn test --coverage

Bundle Analysis

size-limit is set up to calculate the real cost of your library with npm run size and visualize the bundle with npm run analyze.


TSDX uses Rollup as a bundler and generates multiple rollup configs for various module formats and build settings. See Optimizations for details.


tsconfig.json is set up to interpret dom and esnext types, as well as react for jsx. Adjust according to your needs.

Continuous Integration

GitHub Actions

Two actions are added by default:

  • main which installs deps w/ cache, lints, tests, and builds on all pushes against a Node and OS matrix
  • size which comments cost comparison of your library on every pull request using size-limit


Please see the main tsdx optimizations docs. In particular, know that you can take advantage of development-only optimizations:

// ./types/index.d.ts
declare var __DEV__: boolean;

// inside your code...
if (__DEV__) {

You can also choose to install and use invariant and warning functions.

Module Formats

CJS, ESModules, and UMD module formats are supported.

The appropriate paths are configured in package.json and dist/index.js accordingly. Please report if any issues are found.

Named Exports

Per Palmer Group guidelines, always use named exports. Code split inside your React app instead of your React library.

Including Styles

There are many ways to ship styles, including with CSS-in-JS. TSDX has no opinion on this, configure how you like.

For vanilla CSS, you can include it at the root directory and add it to the files section in your package.json, so that it can be imported separately by your users and run through their bundler's loader.

Publishing to NPM

We recommend using np.


npm i ramdacase

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