command-line client for the rallydev API


A usable command-line client for rally.

$ npm install -g ralio

Create a config file in ~/.raliorc.

  "username": "USERNAME",
  "password": "PASSWORD",
  "project": "BACKLOG PROJECT NAME",

username and password should be self-explanatory. project and team should contain the name of the Rally projects that correspond to your project backlog and your team. Where I work, we run multiple teams from a common product backlog, hence the different options. If you don't work that way, put the same project name in both.

I suggest you chmod 0600 ~/.raliorc to prevent your password going walkies. In future I'll be stashing credentials in the OS key store. Unfortunately, Rally doesn't use OAuth (or any other kind of API keys), so ralio needs your password to work.

See the built-in help:

$ ralio --help

  Usage: ralio [options] [command]


    Show the product backlog

    sprint [options]
    Show the current team iteration

    show <story>
    Show tasks for an individual story

    open <story>
    Open a story in a web browser


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number